Searching for compact thrower with best size-range ratio

GTmicro. You ain’t gonna get any “compacter” than that.

If you ask ‘BEST SIZE TO RANGE RATIO’,that no doubt the thrower will be LEP.State your budget so that members can definitely help you.
If you ask me,I like c8 size thrower.Cheap host,cheap parts and cheap everthing.

I agree , the C8 is very popular and affordable. :+1:

Have a look at the Manker MC13

Again, kindly thanks for Your response.

Ok, so If talking about budget - I’d say no more than 80 bucks. Also if I had to be more precise about size- my palm says that 140-145mm of lenght is max. I realized that even my smartphone has similar dimensions (142mm), it’s not too much for today’s standards but I didn’t want bigger one. Manker 30-GT appears to be one step up in terms of price and size here. I’d still prefer KR1 over Lumintop GT micro because it’s only 5mm longer with even smaller head, but has way more throw and bigger battery. Same situation (range) is with convoy c8.

Manker MC 13 looks very interesting. I’m curious if it would be shorter than L17 when I’d choose 18650 tube, because I don’t want 18350.

To be honest, it would be great If some competent person could also say a few more words (just some pros and cons and is it even worth it :D) about this TIR flashlights technology. I read about it, but still I’m not familiar with that topic at all.

Pocketable yet really far thrower:

The Nightwatch NI10L Iralite Osram:

Interesting light. It’s a bit long, but I really love 26650 battery (miss 5000mAh in all those compact flashlights) composed with acceptable head diameter. It has “even” profile which I prefer, instead of slim body and bulgy head. Price seems oddly low though. Do you know exact throwing parameters like candela/range and UI funcionality? Cant find them anywhere.

The acebeam and likely that Manker tir are unlike most other tir optics. The spill is almost as low as an LEP flashlight. I currently have the smaller acebeam and at 400 lumens it’s still out throwing most lights I carry. If you just want a hotspot down range and spills not important, these new deep tir lenses are the way to go

FYI, the Acebeam L17 just came into stock at Killzone Flashlights today.

Looks to be the best price, and it ships from the US with free shipping. I’ve placed several orders with Killzone over the past few years and their customer service is excellent.

I recently got a white Acebeam E10 and couldn’t resist getting a white L17. :partying_face:

Thanks for all Your replies. Probably L17 will be the choice, however this unknown Osram LED model is still bothering me. Last request - what’s the major difference between Osram KW CULNM1.TG used in Manker MC 13 and CSLNM1.TG (“regular”W1)? There is probably something more than just larger die. Maybe for You it’s kinda silly question, but just want to be sure.

Larger footprint for the means better thermal management- more footprint surface area which tranfers heat better to the MCPCB and ultimately to the light body. 3030 size vs. 4040 size.

One remark from my side - I have played a bit with Manker U22 II and the numbers they quote are real, but it is not very prctical, i.e. the beam is so narrow, that it is hardly usable below 200m - same as Noctigon K1 - quite specialized. I found myself still preferring Catapult V6 with 20% less throw, but more lumens and wider beam.

I love that light, but what kind of pocket will that fit in? The OP wants a pocket thrower. The Sofirn C8G is not near as large, but even that would not qualify as a pocket thrower. In truth, I can’t think of a true pocket flashlight that has a large amount of throw.

sarge12 - respectfully, really? Go out there and have a look at what’s available and ‘think’ again. This thread is full of examples, and if that’s not ‘true’ enough, try skylumen…

If still unconvinced then please specify your concept of ‘large amount of throw’ and also the size of your pockets :wink:

@ mr_magoo Thanks for explanation. So it is W1 performance with just better heat drain.

@ yasenf I’m aware of what you’re talking about. I have different flashlight for other activities and I’m looking for such a torch with narrow and focused beam on purpose. Heck, I’ve just realized that my brain missed simple math operation :person_facepalming: : L17 has 1400 lm (which btw seems too high for W1) and 160801 cd. It gives 114,8 cd/lm. But manker with 144000 cd and 950 lm has 151,5 cd/lm which results in tighter beam.

If I take 18650 tube - will my Fenix ARBL 3500 mAh batteries have sufficient drainage potential or I should look for some Samsung ones?

Also see [UPDATED M4D deal] Manker “EDC Muscle Combo – BLF Limited” - #50 by djozz for Djozz comments on CULNM1

I think you gave the answer to your own question already.
Get a KR1

I’m not sure which version is used, since there are 2 versions, the 3030 and the 4040.
The new 4040 can be driven harder and performs better.

Should make an excellent thrower

Judging by just raw numbers like beam intensity in relation to lumens and reflectors size of both flashlights I’d still say that’s some kind of W2 led but it can be wrong ofcourse. I sent message to Acebeam, but they most likely won’t reveal this secret. I also requested info about MC13 length with 18650 tube from Manker. We’ll see.

KR1 is really nice. It was my go-to flashlight untill I found those TIR ones which seem to be fine enhancement and meet my assumptions even better. I want to review various options, especially that purchase is not super urgent.

Update: Manker mailed me that mc13 with 18650 tube is 119,37mm which i think is really nice.