Searching for the elusive "perfect" gun light

Hi All,

I'v been looking round the net (BLF, DX, google etc) trying to find the best light to use mounted to a rifle.

Here's what I reckon the "perfect" gun light would be -

- A thrower, and very bright

- Single mode

- Have a remote pressure switch available

- Powered by a single 18650 battery

- Fairly solid construction, as far as budget lights go

- Cheap! I reckon $30 or less would be reasonable for this sort of light

The first 3 are pretty much essential, the last 3 not so critical.

I think the closest I've found is probably the Uniquefire HS802, but it's a 2 mode light

Or possibly this Skyray, not sure whether a pressure switch is available though

Anyone have some other suggestions?

Cheers, Dave.

This should throw better UniqueFire M8 Cree R2-WC 250-Lumen LED Flashlight - Black (1*18650/2*16340) at $17.20

But even better is this LumaPower MRV Cree Q5 1-Mode Memory LED Flashlight (1*18650).

Pressure switch



and mount of your choice.

weapons, rifles specifically, can dish out substantial punishment to attached components.

while i can not say for certain that a budget light will not stand up to this abuse

i felt it was worth the extra and ended up with a fenix LD20 on my house gun.

it was 52usd shipped and its never given me any trouble at all.

just a thought.

I really like this pressure switch , but it is on the expensive side.

Aloha and welcome to BLF dst270 & hyde!

This is above your listed budget, but the Xtar TZ20 meets all your criteria and you can get it with the pressure switch included. Not sure where else you can get it for this price with all the accessories (other places charge more for the versions with the accessories)

The larger the calibre of the weapon the more punishment it is going to hand out to the light (and the user). If my HS-802 is anything to go by, it won't take the punishment and is a pure pig to get apart. My search skills appear to have abandoned me just now or I'd post a link.

The MRV single mode from Manafont sounds like a good idea.

And welcome to BLF!

I went for the UF 501B R2 at DX

$13.01. With the 28mm glass aspheric lens it makes an awesome thrower. Manafont have a suitable pressure switch

If your'e concerned about 2 or 3.


I think it's a good mix and it's really cheap.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help!

I've decided to try the WF501B from DX and the Skyray 1JC8 from Manafont. I've ordered 3 of the 501's, so I hope they're good!

I'll post some pics and some comments when they get here.

So thanks everyone for the replies.

PS I also found the Romisen RC-C6 AA at Manafont - had to have one of them too! (for general use, not to put on a gun)

Its not just about getting a flashlight its more about getting a good flashlight mount

also make sure that the light has a spring at the front of the light this helps with recoil for

the batteries. I have a 12ga shotgun with this light

and this mount

this is a really good mount you can find it cheaper if you shop around..

I pray and sprayTongue out

spray n pray... otoh, skeet shooting does require skill and quick reflexes. im really looking for a good light for my bushmaster. flat black, with good visibility @ 100y, good wide spot. and must look good to, not ugly up a beautiful black gun

I've found Manafont has pressure switches for most of the common lights.......and includes which lights each suits in the description (unlike DX).

I think I will just continue this older thread, since my needs are almost the same.

Any updates to situation?

What I need:
-Rifle light, moose rifle, maybe a bit more recoil than in shotguns etc.
-Size can be larger than P60 host, no problem.
-Weight: no problem
-Diameter, also irrelevant
-Pressure switch compatibility not mandatory
–18650 for runtime

-Budget: 20-40$. 100$ for a good one :wink:

FYI, don’t use protected cells in a rifle/shotgun light. I had a perfectly good AW 18650 in my shotgun light and it failed after the first few shots. I think the protection circuit got crushed.

Thanks for the info.

I think it would be preferred choice then to use a single 18650 light.
I´m not too fond in using 2 x 18650 un-protected especially, when this setup will be used by someone else than myself!

I forgot to ask, which setup do you prefer:

-Q5/R2 with reflector (MRV)
-P60 host with Aspheric
-Bigger reflector + XM-L

I have even thought of a HD2010.

I think XMLs are the best.

On experienced hunter I know searched for good flashlight for hunting a long time, and he stoped and JEtbeam BC40 - it suits his needs perfectly. But he use it in shortened version, with 2 16340s.
He us it on combined carbin/shotgun gun, dont know english term, for a year already and he goes hunting almost every second day (during summer each day, haha)

His requirement though is that flashlight is as light as possible.
Without that, you can go to wider reflectors.

I would go with Olight M3X or something like that… 2 modes, nice, strong and wide focused beam, great… Its a great buy. To bad dinodirect dont sell them below MRP price anymore, hah

(I wouldnt put HD2010 on the rifle, there are many much more suitable lights I think…)