Second Generation Silver Plated High Current Beryllium Copper Springs and 95+CRI SST20!

All good - as suggested, I’ve bent the top coil in and pressed the end down a bit, so it’s smooth.

Got my springs today thank you! :+1:

So I put 3x 3000K SST-20’s under a 10507 optic in my FW3A, and wow… I’m reliving the golden age! LOVE these emitters…

I wish I bought 18 of those rosy 3000K SST-20’s back then if I only know Emisar would release the D18…

You can still buy those rosy 3000K SST-20 through Kaidomain. I bought several dozen of those and used them in many different lights already. I believe there is only 1 tint bin of SST-20 3000K on the market if I’m correct so they should all be the same. It gets rosy at high output but still slightly yellow at low output but better than most 3000K emitters. Has anyone measured the tint in the GB batch?

The group buy said J2 flux bin, Mouser has J3 flux bin now, and Kaidomain claims J4 flux bin. So I would not count on just any 3000K being the same.

Yep. The reason I chose such a low flux bin on the 3000k is that because it was guaranteed TM to be under the BBL in all cases by the Mouser rep.

I accidentally found your forum and was very happy as I have been trying for a long time to find high current Beryllium Copper springs
but all to no avail.
I understand that my question can be stupid since it took a lot of time after your joint purchase of Beryllium Copper springs.
But maybe you have left some Beryllium Copper springs.
Big and small. I would love to buy it.

The second generation springs are sold out.

You better try to post here: BLF Interest List: EX3 High Current Beryllium Copper Silver Plated springs

BTW, welcome to BLF. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much !!! :smiley:

Unfortunately no one answered me there :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

You should give BlueSwordM some time. He is quite busy but reliable and he will come back to you.

Just a general tip for BLF: If someone does not answer to your messages or posts look at the ‘last seen’, there it tells you when a member has logged in or visited BLF the last time. The green point shows you if somebody is online. You can see that BlueSwordM has been last seen 1 day and 17 hours ago.

Try to send BlueSwordM a PM if he does not answer in his thread. But I think he will also answer your post when he is back.

Thank you for your advice.
I will do so.
By the way, I already sent him a message yesterday in PM.
Perhaps he is really busy.
I just thought that this topic has long been closed therefore I did not receive a response.
thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry.

The topics are never closed on BLF.

No matter what, you will always get a response from me.

Any update on the Dream Bin? :laughing:

Well, it went to the water completely.

1. The order got taken after close to a year of no one but me being interested. Could still order some from Samsung, but the distributor doesn’t want that.

2. For a while, it was still available, but due to current events, not really possible.

3. For a while, I did not have the necessary funds due to not having a job(which is now less of a problem because I have a new one until my main job reopens again).

I thought I saw huge interest here for the dream bin. You can create an interest list and even ask us to pay upfront before you order.

/\ Yes

Is it possible to buy 3rd Gen springs ?

Pm sent with order details. Thanks!