Second Generation Silver Plated High Current Beryllium Copper Springs and 95+CRI SST20!


Is there someone who would like to buy 500pcs of nickel plated BeCu small springs?

I was supposed to only have about 200 left. However, I actually have 500 small springs left, and I emailed the manufacturer about it. They let me keep it as a part of a good business relationship, which is rather nice :slight_smile:

So, since I’m not ordering the silver plated springs yet, who would like to buy the remaining?

They can be used for driver springs, dual spring setups, battery holders, etc. They will be shipped out as quickly as possible, possibly the same day.


0,27$US for less than 50 small springs
0,25$US for less than 100 small springs
0,23$US for less than 250 small springs
0,20$US(at cost) for 250 small springs and more

Shipping: 5$US internationally for less than 100 springs.

Otherwise, it’s going to be about 8-10$US depending on where you live.

Put me down for another 40 small springs if you have extras.

Do you want them separately or with your order? If separately with the nickel plated BeCu small spring, I can ship them tomorrow.

I’ll take 50

I’m in no hurry for anything so whatever is easiest for you mate. Just tell me what I owe you when the times right and I’ll fix you up. Thanks again for the effort. :beer:

@808HI. Ok then. I will send you a PM shortly so I can ship it tomorrow.

@MRsDNF, no problemo. Will include it in your full order.

Nickel plated BeCu springs taken:

1. MRsDNF 40pcs. 0,27$US/spring.

2. 808Hi 50 pcs. 0,25$US/spring.

Small nickel plated BeCu spring left: 410pcs.

In for 30x small and 30x big springs. Thank you

@F.i.l.a.s Added to the list again. Will update the list in the OP.

So, is there anyone else who are interested in SST-20s now? The only thing with the tint bin confirmed are the SST-20s 3500k and 3000k.

Who wants to order them?

1355 large springs.
1335 small springs.
266 SST-20s 4000k.
142 SST-20s 3500k.
60 SST-20s 3000k.

Can you put the confirmed tint bin and flux bin in the OP? Thanks

No problem.

The only thing would be that the J4 flux bin is more prone to getting an above BBL line tint bin, being GA3,GB4,GC1,GD2, having a 50% chance of getting one above the BBL.

The J3 flux bin has been confirmed by the rep last time to be GA3/GA4 depending on the quantity ordered.

Same thing for the J2 flux bin of the 3000k version, being confirmed HD2/HA4 depending on the quantity ordered.

I rather get the GA4 with J3 than random tint bin with J4.

However, Emisar was able to get J4 flux bin and HD2 tint bin. Wonder where they bought it from.

Well, they probably have a special relation with their supplier since they can easily buy 10000s of LEDs at a time, so they can get more choice in term of chromacity bin order code.

I’m not willing to take the risk of a J4402 chromacity bin getting an above tint bin, even with a higher flux bin.

The only way I would be willing to take a risk would be that some people here pay for the order, and then I order it myself to see what happens.

If the tint bin is good, I’ll sell it normally.

If not, I’ll just sell it for cost.

Don’t forget - if you do CCT mixing, you get a lower tint. So, even two emitters with a “green” tint (above BBL), if they are far enough away from each other in CCT, can make a “mixed” CCT that has a “rosy” tint (below BBL). :wink:

I know this doesn’t help in single emitter or otherwise single CCT builds, but it’s a thought. :innocent:

I’m thinking about a very small quantity of each, but not ready to confirm. Is there a planned cutoff date?

Also, are you still considering an LH351D order?

Yes of course. The only tint available for the LH351Ds are T6 bins, so about as good as the AEDe groupbuy LEDs. I’m still currently searching for a source.

I’ve currently found a contact at Future Electronics which may be able to pick up some good tinted LH351Ds.

HOWEVER, I can easily buy the springs, and ship them quickly, compared to the lead time of the LEDs.

So springs are the priority.

Too far away CCT mixes can and usually will screw up the CRI, although it may not matter much (if at all) depending on user preferences. To avoid too much CRI loss I get along with a maximum of 1 to 1.5K CCT distance when mixing high CRI emitter dyads. Some testing in this regard would be nice to see (CCT emitter delta vs CRI loss), but we need to convince some tester about this. maukka has a nice deal of high CRI emitters… O:)

Cheers ^:)

Please write me to 20 big and 10 small spring. Thanks :slight_smile:

Added to the list.

Not really.

I’m interested in some 4000K SST-20s if you can secure a batch below the BBL.