Seeing too much with this LED!.

Would like to know something about the nichia LED , the 219A HCRI LED-
regarding detail.

As it brings colours to life with more detail very nicely, is there a possibility that is just too much detail to be using say in law enforcement / military as such, as sometime you just want to see what’s there rather than maybe all the colour / detail which could be distracting maybe ?
I have a sportac triple nichia in a 6P with lots of lumens OTF.

A friend told me this LED such as in the sportac shows too much detail to be used in LE operations and stuff why not cool white or even more neutral.
I did reply telling him that isn’t a police officer supposed to see as much detail as possibly anyway!.

Thank you everyone.

The Nichia 219 is a neutral emitter with a truer colour rendering than a cool emitter, or even a neutral Cree emitter.
As far as seeing too much, you are merely seeing colours closer to their values in daytime conditions. If anything, cool white emitters flatten and wash out perspectives such as depth of field and contours.

I think it really depends on the user. Do you find it distracting? Does it make you wish you had brought another light?

I was surprised, when after I checked some noisy bushes in the middle of the night with my Rustu 108S, I realised it had a cool white XM-L. I was using it feeling glad I had changed it to a neutral white (a difference of some 10 CRI and arguably better rendition)!! So from this experience I don’t think it matters as much when it counts.

I build lights for several local LEO’s, let me touch on 2 points…

First non light crazy people like us don’t notice as big of a difference at all and often don’t care.

2, these guys have been buying off the shelf lights for years since LED’s first came out, they’re used to near purple tints and low CRI.

When I’m building someone from here a light I ask them exactly what emitter they want, when I’m building a light for a muggle (LEO/first responder or other) I simply ask if they have a tint preference, cool neutral or warm. Usually as long as it’s not purple they’re happy. For officers and regular people’s lights if its up to me I usually choose something around 5500k and non Hcri, when I’m doing lights for EMT’s / FF’s (I just did several tube lights last week for the FD in Fieldcrest NC, one guy gets one then they all want one) again I give them the cool/neutral/warm white choice and then if possible use a HCRI emitter.