Seems like I got a six-pack of counterfeit/fake Samsung ICR18650-30B cells :-/

This is as far as things have gone for now. Unfortunately for me, the cells right now are inside a nearby recycling bin as I disposed them :facepalm: quite recently (I have poked inside with a flashlight through its insertion hole, and found a green “Samsung” wrap leaning out).

I am going to make the utmost to get them back so I can put them in my recently acquired Lii-500. Since the cells are damaged, even a NOR test will only last minutes.

This is a legitimate defense of our rights and in any case, I swear to God they'll know.


By the way:

Related link:

These button tops look very Chang Jiang FST to me, don't you think? :|


Another by the way, they're now going to hear from cousin Sam:


Are these also similar?

Vete a saber, gracias por el apunte g_sintornillos (curioso apodo).

For non-spanish speakers:

Who knows, thanks for the insight g_sintornillos (curious nickname).

Related manufacturer links:

Jiangsu Zhihang New Energy Co., Ltd.

Just noticed these Zhihang New Energy cells are only 3x lobed.

By the way, recovered all the cells from the nearby recycling bin just a while ago. Did it with this ;-) “tool”:

Be ready to pay dear crooks.

Cheers ^:)

Creo que en realidad a todos los que frecuentamos este sitio nos faltan un par de tornillos...

One more post!

Whoooeee! ^:) Thanks, I didn’t even notice. Here’s hoping for 7000.

I love to hate sb’s milestone giveaways. :FACEPALM:

I hope it works out and you get your money back. In the original dispute message with aliexpress. Why didn’t you mention that Samsung cells only use 3 prong tops and that these cells are 4 prong and not made by Samsung. Proving they are counterfit. Idk but it may have helped with the check box on counterfeit goods
And even asking that the seller provide proof that Samsung has given them written permission to sell their goods as aliexpress claims. Because if they had Samsung’s grace to sell loose cells. Then the seller would be getting the cells directly from Samsung and not a middle man. As far as I understand and I maybe wrong. Samsung only sells directly to oems. Just some food for thought

Speed4goal, the mere fact that the videoclip I made and linked in the OP is refuted by the AliExpress Case Management team means they're either technically illiterate or biased (without excluding the possibility of being both as I believe it could be, true OR logic versus XOR).

As you can see above I sent a related inquiry to Samsung SDI Security Reporting Center, hope I get an answer so I can upload an email screenshot for them to see.

There are certain things in all of this stuff who simply smell straight bad, like the dispute “message history” being deemed invalid for final resolution. This leaves me with 500 characters of comments.

If I were the old me, I'd already sent all of them DIAF.

I'll make sure to play my cards right, suggestions welcome. 4x prong/lobe thing noted, I asked Samsung SDI about it.

Cheers ^:)

some samsung cells esp the 26 series have a top contact with more and smaller holes.
but never 4.
those look close enough to lg that it would be no surprise if the cells you linked wind up as fake lg’s.

Did you pay with paypal?

[Deleted video]

Can you see this clip? Youtube was telling me “This video is private. …” when it was clearly set as public.

Cheers ^:)

Originally posted on Tue, 02/27/2018 - 01:26. Edited to delete such video, gonna make a new one.

Its working

0K, the botched PoS AliExpress uses as video uploading and converting tool refuses to correctly handle what I uploaded to YouTube briefly ago, even if I upload the reconverted YouTube clip. :facepalm:

I am going to focus on making a simplified, smaller and nimbler videoclip.

Another pretty atrocious sheesh trophy for Ali€xpr€$$! :-|

Cheers :-)

Mmmkay, got a new video, excuse me for the pronunciation:

This one looks like the thing, I believe.

Suggestions welcome.

Cheers ^:)

At the end of the video you don’t show stable voltage on the pink cell, and don’t hold the probes on the bad cells long enough to show anything significant. Also you don’t zoom in on the bad cells close enough to read the markings. I would redo the video if I were you.

Zulumoose, the pink cell is good and doesn't needs any further testing.

Probes for long enough? You mean until voltage reads ≈0? :-D

I can upload additional videos, by the way.

Cell photographs have been uploaded already, and I am thinking about fully removing their fake workshop wraps for additional detailed pictures. Should give valuable insight off their true OEM.

Thanks in any case.

Cheers ^:)

Fake LG's? Maybe you meant to say they probably used some LG cell under a fake 30B wrap?

I lean to think they used some cell from a chinese OEM (FST?).

Now some food for thought fellows. To start with, check out this FAST 1A charging capacity test of 4 cells sold as protected Samsung ICR18650-26F ones, two from one shipment and two from another:

I've now de-wrapped all the cells. The first two (2400+mAh capacity) show a cheaply machined 4x prong/lobed top. With regards to the high capacity ones, take a nice look at this before filing picture:

I swear I've seen that before…

Cheers :-)