Selfbuilt's Armytek Doberman Pro review

My latest review:

Armytek Doberman Pro

This is a very “tactical” style 1x18650 light from Armytek. It would appear to be be suitable for a variety of law enforcement, military, security and hunting tasks, given its unique beam profile and rugged design (including potted electronics to withstand weapon recoil). It also has excellent regulation and output/runtime efficiency for its emitter class, as you can see in the teaser runtime below.

Please check out my full review of the light for more details.

Excellent review of an excellent light. Thank You.

Armytek has a cult following. They are definitely not looking to beat Convoy in sales numbers.

Very unique light. Truly in a class by itself.

Haha, I could see that - somewhat distinctive lights from the field as a whole, but also very “internally consistent” as a common style. Helps explain why they are still around, in this modern age high quality budget lights.

Thanks for comments, I was curious as to how much interest there would be in this light.

I agree. This is a company that is clearly not out to make lights with the most lumens.