Selling a few of my collection Convoy Clear L6, Eagtac D25LC2, Skyray King, Streamlight TLR-4G and Wuben TO46R TO10R

All lights work perfectly and come with original accessories. All shipping prices are USA.

-The Clear L6 N2-3A is very good condition. Used only a handful of times. Maybe 10 minutes total. If you would like two nearly brand new KeepPower 26650 batteries(10 minutes/charged one time) add $10.
Shipped for $60

SkyRay King is also a shelf queen like the L6. The original genuine 3 LED version. Maybe 10 minutes of run time. I can’t remember the specifics, but I spent time researching counterfeits and know it was ordered from a supplier selling genuine.
Shipped for $20

-Selling both my Wuben lights. SOLD

-Steamlight TLR-4G SOLD

-Eagtac/EagleTac D25LC2 SOLD

D25LC2 tail cap

PM coming

I’m take the SkyRayKing, pm sent.

willing to ship to aus?

I’ve never shipped to aus. What’s involved? And which light were you interested in. You could send a message