Selling off a few of our lights ALL SOLD! THANKS

Not getting out of the game or anything but we ( me and my brother ) have a few duplicates or shelf Queens that we want to get rid of. I am going to say $5 total for shipping for how many ever lights you purchase. $5 for conus only.

2 C8’s with XML T6 emitters $5 each SOLD!

3 C8’s with XRE Q5 emitters $5 each SOLD!

1 C8 with XRE R2 w/XML driver $5 SOLD!

1 Trustfire Z8 zoomie $10 SOLD!

1 DQG Tiny 18650 Ti color $20 SOLD!
(edc’d for 2 weeks until I got black one in)

1 Ultrafire 501d 4 cell Xenon $15 SOLD!
with 4- UF 16340 3.0 cells & charger

1 Tangsfire HD2010 $25 Sold!
with Moli 26650 IMR cell

1 Small Sun ZY-T13 $15 SOLD!

1 Uniquefire UF-V3 $10 SOLD!

1 Ryobi 35w HID 18v 1+ spotlight $30 SOLD!
battery not included

1 Solarforce L2m $25 w/ E-1320 5 mode XML U2 DI SOLD!

1 Solarforce L2m $15 w/ Manafont UV DI SOLD!

1 Jetbeam BC10 $20 SOLD!

1 Eagletac D25lc2 twisty $25 SOLD!

I have 6 Ultrafire 18650 cells that I will throw in any of the 18650 lights for $1 each for those who need a cheap cell

willing to sell an l2m with no drop in? if so how much?

pm sent

These are good prices, if i lived in the US i’d grab a couple of your lights.

Good luck with the sale.

these are great prices. if someone does not have a c8 or a zy-t13, they should hop on this

I’d take the tangsfire hd2010 if you’d figure out shipping to England and let me pay.

pm me an address and I will be happy to check it out for you gords.

Put me down for all of the C8s. 6 C8s for 5 bucks a piece plus 5 shipping (if it's more tell me, that is fine) so 35 dollars. Just PM me your paypal address.

PM sent!!!

I’ll take the d25 twisty. PM on the way

Done! Thanks scaru. Sending paypal pm

Pulsar decide which one you want… Doesnt matter to me

Is the e1320 drop in with or without the l2m taken yet? Let me know! I want it!

hey guys, decided to pass this time. so the l2m dale doesnt take will be available

L2m w/ E-1320 drop-in yours if you want it.

Throw out a little bait and it’s like a feeding frenzy…lol

LOL so true…

Is the uf-v3 xml?

Yes. XML U2. I took the clip off of it when I got it because it’s head was too big for clipping in you pocket. In doing so I made a couple of small scratches in the ano. Not bad but you can see them. I can send pics if you like. I still have the clip but it is a little sprung.

Pm sent on hd2010.