Selling some lights- Eagletac remaining, price reduced

EDIT: Sunwayman is sold, as is the Xeno…thanks guys. Eagletac is still available, open to offers!

Time to thin out the herd. First up, my Sunwayman M40a - a beautiful multi-AA light that’s a bit of a thrower. This was a shelf queen and has hardly been touched. Comes in original box with ppwk and extra O-rings, no flaws that I can see. $65 shipped, it currently sells for $120 at Illumination Supply:

Next up my Xeno E03, v3 with Fenix clip. Very little use, there is the slightest of scuffing from the clip when unscrewing the tailcap. Comes with original package, extra switch etc. $20 shipped

And how about a nice Eagletac D25C Mini? I reviewed this light here: D25C It has been used lightly, and deserves a good home. It loves Lifepo4, cr123a and unprotected li-ion cells. Others have been able to use protected cells, I just don’t have many to choose from. Comes with original box, ppwk, formed holster. $*28* shipped

That’s all for today, I’ll add more soon. Paypal only, pm me please if interested!

I’ve always liked the finger groves in the xeno.

Dibs on the Xeno, I’m at work ATM, I’ll send pp Asa I get home.
Please pm me. Thanks!

PM sent

Just bought the Sunwayman myself and a bump. thanks

I’ll take the Sunwayman. PM sent.

Price reduced, I hope to list a few more soon

Anybody looking for a nice little edc and doesn’t mind a twisty, this is it. Great price too. If I did not already have this light I would snatch it up in a heartbeat. ET claims 230 lumens on turbo but mine tested at 245 OTF consistently and 3200cd. Pop an IMR 16340 in it and output goes up to low to mid 400 OTF range and 6000cd.