self modding, removing the link. Gist is a 5 year thread here griping about over modding at CPF got necroed and then locked.

Come on now. I thought it was a witty joke that Enderman harrased someone about thread necromancy on a topic about overmodding at CPF. Indeed anti-thread necromancy as a moral absolute seems silly and I agree 100% with the last comment there. If a thread is the first google hit to a question and there is wrong outdated information or simply something new to add who is being harmed by having an added comment? Ok that wasn't at all the case there, but I just don't see what harm was being done. Is this more related to the particular comment? To digging up negativity toward the sister board? It seems a bit un-BLFish. On the whole though, I'm not complaining. Things are good here. I mean I probably won't even get banned or reprimanded for asking, so that's bunch better than many places.

Edit: I should say over-moderating. There's no such thing as too much modding here, lol.

Yeh, I see what you mean… Biggest part round here I would say is not to gang on and rag against CPF…just blackens the eyes of BLF when all is said and done.

And yeh, I agree…if a thread gets buried for 5 or so years ain’t nuttin wrong with diggin it up. That’s what it’s there for. Everybody gets a shot. So have at em.

Digging that particular thread up probably was unecessary, but just saying as much might have made a better point. Well that's ok though, mods have to make decisions on never ending posts, can't demand them to get it perfect (or in perfect agreement with me) every time. They do pretty well here.

I think Enderman's blanket comment was a bit too wide, and I was already replying to that when it got locked so that probably led me to reacting a little, but yeah probably no need to dig up 5 year grouching about the sister site for no reason.

I've removed the link too. Just to respect the wishes of the mods not to have it dug up.

Did I do something bad?

We were over this “CPF mods suck” stuff a while ago, so when I checked the date and saw someone trying to bring 5 year old stuff back from the dead I thought I would point it out (cause I thought it was funny if they happened to reply without knowing how old it was)

I hope nobody got offended :stuck_out_tongue:

Enh, I think it's all good. Unless that guy who posted back in 2012 is offended.

This one took afence :person_facepalming:

Cheers David

:person_facepalming: Now jokes that bad should maybe get a thread locked.

thread closed

Nope. :slight_smile:


Cheers David

It may seem petty, but lots of old timers here had a chance to vent a long time ago. It’s fair to let the new members get it out of their system too.

Yup….I feel much better now……

Well, let’s not wax romantic about it… the old timers had their threads locked sometimes too! :wink:

He said two vent. I only see one.