Set of 4 CTV6 Sony cells, all charge to 4.2v except one.

I just bought a quad set of button top CTV6 Sony cells from mtnelectronics, and I use them in a 2P2S configuration. (Olight x7 Maurauder). I have checked the voltage before I put them in the light. All of the cells where charged at the same time. 3 out of 4 stop charging at 4.2v. the forth one says it’s full at 4.18v. Is this a problem with the cell? If so will it be dangerous to continue to use it in my x7?


What charger did you use?
Did you check the voltage with a multi meter?

Let them rest overnight, some cells, even brand-new, settles to its natural resting voltage faster. Taking a reading right after charging is just a small indicator, but let them rest altogether first.

First charger, Enova All-88 @ 1amp. Enova says 4.2 volt and says it’s done. Meter says they are 4.12. I take them to my Xtar VC4 and let them continue to charge till it says it’s full @ 500mAh because that’s limit with 4 cells. It then charged the cells correctly at 4.2 volts. All except the one. It says it’s full but it’s only 4.18.

Not a problem, but watch for a drift in delta over time. .02 volts is not an issue.

trust me you have bigger problems (we all do) its a non issue. but good catch.

Some times I’ll take my sets of cells used in series lights and put them in my parallel charger/power bank just to let them even out for an extended time.

It sound like your already using matched sets and charging at the same time so you will be fine.

Will do. I make sure I buy a complete set and marry them to the light.

All of my lights use protected cells. This is my first run of unprotected cells.