SF348/BLF348 repair switch.

I have one of these that I really like but the switch died a few years ago. From what I'm reading its a pretty common problem. I finally got around to looking into it. When I found it I thought a lot of people must not know about them or there wouldn't be so many broken lights out there. well here they are.


Thanks for sharing those links.

I’ve fixed a 358 that went through the washing machine by disassembling the switch and cleaning the contacts, but a replacement would have been much easier.

Thanks. That's exactly what I'm looking for.

oh hey it looks similar to thrunite t10 switch

My BLF348 switch recently died, so I’m glad the above links still work.
Thank you for posting!

LHT Flashlight Store on Aliexpress is Kaidomain store. Once this obscure item is gone they wont restock. I was unsuccessful to get them to restock 10mm hole reflector that fits HaikeLite SC26 :weary:

For the record, when I went to buy a spare SingFire SF-348 as a parts donor, I just got this:

“We sincerely apologize but an item you have ordered is discontinued and we could not offer it anymore.

4129503 (SingFire SF-348 LED Flashlight authentic / Cree XP-E R3 / 1-mode / 180LM / 1*10440/AAA / clip)”

in case anyone else had that idea…

Thank you for finding just the switches!! That’s really all I needed!