SFBA night hike in San Bruno, tentatively scheduled for March 15, 2014.

Posted this on CPF:

The days are getting longer and the weather is warming up. Thought a night hike up Sweeney Ridge Trail in San Bruno would be a nice way to get our toys out to play. This is tentatively scheduled for March 15.

There is a shopping center about two to three miles from the trail head that we can gather at for dinner if folks want to do that (Pasta Pomodoro? Taco Bell? Maybe the food court at Tanforan?).

Meet for dinner at 5:30 or meet at the trail head at the western end of Sneath Lane at 6:30.

Sweeney Ridge Trail is not an easy hike and anyone wanting to participate should note this. The hike itself is about two miles, but, it climbs about 600 feet to the top of the ridge separating San Bruno from the Pacific Ocean. The steepest section is about 14% grade. Pack light and bring water. Other than what you carry with you, there are no lights along the path from the gate to the top. With any luck there won’t be any fog up there.