looking for lights like This one from dx . Looking for a light for my dad want it to have long run times and not get too hot. Need it in this size format. Trying to stay rigjt around this price point as well. I know its an older emitter but that is fine. Should gove decent.amount of light for quite a while and still offer up some okay throw range.

Anybody have one of these or something similar from dx ? My dad has ordered a bunch of hugsby p31’s from them for all his golf buddies had one bad one and dx sent out a new one with any hassle so he wants to buy his next ones from there too. he asked me to find out what to order him. He has played with my uf2100 and thinks its too bright for up close stuff.

Any suggestions. Trying to get him to step up to a single 18650 format to increase run times

Thanks mike

If the UF2100 is too bright, then he can use it in medium/low mode :slight_smile:

Most compact XM-L 18650 lights at DX are direct drive and have serious problems (depending on the battery used), so I’ll note some good XP-G lights.

How about the P10-R5 ?
Or the XG V2
Or the T2 (side switch)

If those are too throwy, try diffuser film! Makes a great beam for close range.
Also for more natural colors (and more color contrast) especially outside a neutral tint would be nice or even a Nichia 219 :slight_smile:

But do they really want an 18650? An 18650 needs to be treated well, or else they can even be dangerous. And they’d need a safe charger. Here’s an AA alternative:
or the Sipik of course :slight_smile:

I have to recommend either the Roche F12 or LXP from intl-outdoors. It’s specifically because they don’t have the stupid flashy modes which annoys practically anyone who uses flashlights on a regular basis. Also it’s not overdriven at 1.75 amps, but it’s still going to be plenty bright and the low and medium modes don’t have visible PWM. Lights that use PWM are extremely annoying and makes fast moving things look like they’re strobing. Also XM-L lights in this format are plenty floody too.

Pretty much intl-outdoors is the only online dealer that you know includes these good drivers with invisible PWM.

The X-Power Galaxy AA R5 or the EDC. Both are from

These are a lot of great options….

He has a Hugsby p31 already and looking for something a little bigger and a little brighter.
I have a bunch of 18650’s and he is really smart and handy with this kind of stuff so I have zero worries about him and the batteries.

I like the simple look of this one . He is not into “tactical look” stuff at all. So it needs to be clean looking.

I will check out the other lights too.