Hi guys i want to ask your opinion about which light i should buy next and there is 2 candidate


i know they are different with 1 emitter vs 3 emitter
i want a bright and compact but longer runtime in high with more spill,if any of you have a suggestion please give another light based on your experience

sorry about my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

You could check the HD 2010… Not sure how it would stack up…

The SRK is compact, packs a wallop, and with 4*18650 has great runtime.

the hd 2010 is more of a thrower, the sl3 a flooder. general rule of thumb, the bigger the reflector the more it throws, the smaller the reflector the more it floods. multi emitter lights tend to have small reflectors around each LED, so they will be more floody.

thanks for the answer guys,i forgot to mention it must be use 26650 battery so it wont need much place on my waistbag

If you need more flood than throw, how about a TrustFire a8 or one of its clones? Can be had at about $20-30.


would you PM me the link?

I'm sure some one here can link it, I'm on my phone my fiance is doing homework. If there's no links by the time I get to my computer I will link a few different ones for you. Some of the newer ones come with a 3xAA carrier, but I don't think anyone has one yet to confirm if they are good

The a8 and clones are a 26650 tube light, can't really get much more compact. Smaller reflector so it has lots of useful spill. The blf edition is what I have

ok, i lied... the trustfire a8 can not be had for $20-30

here are a few clones

no i am not a dx shill, i just knew there was a bunch of clones on there. if you try searching the clones name (say "sky eye f15") you may probably find a better deal

i have not tried or heard anything on how any of these clones are, but i imagine they are all about the same.

i also cant recommend dx, do some reading and decide for your self. they are not good, they are not bad is my thought. about average

how about this one

anyone already pull a trigger for this light?
the head is small enough and has 3 emitter with 2x26650 battery configuration in series.

Ranks up there in my favorites list… Not to mention the recently received T2

or how bout a zoomie? keygos m10 is a good choice

lovely looking light :heart_eyes:
in my watch right now,thanks for the help guys :smiley:

there are a number of good 26650 lights, the cheap a8 clones on ebay are good as mod hosts - removable pill, 17mm driver, dirt cheap, the m10 used to be good but I heard quality slipped lately, that palight from cnqg looks good to me, I may take a punt on that myself, the jm26 and sl3 serm to be of good quality but a touch cell fussy, I’ve not yet tried them, the jm05 and jm07 are worth a look, the convoy l2 from fasttech is awesome but I prefer my own build to the factory options.

A8 with battery and charger at Keygos for $36.99.

SkyEye F13 at DX. Review here. Nice light, but has the dreaded "next-mode" memory. Shadow JM-07 clone.

Cheap Option: Ultrafire W-878 Zoomer with very wide flood - review here, At LightsCastle for only $12.80. I own the Poppas W-878 version (review, photos, measurements here).

The quality of the Shadow's should be very good.

Similar to Shadow JM-07 - X-Power 1 or 2 26650 floody light.


i want to try modding a flashlight since it more fun to do,i want to make this light Loading... as the host.
i want to ask about how many amp should i use judging by the size of the head with not too much heat sink,should i use 2.8amp or 3amp or 3.5 amp?since my brother having DRY i want to compete with him using a custom flashlight J)

with that palight, you’d need to find out the driver cavity size, there are a few drivers for 3 xm-l lights that supply 3a to each emitter, you would need the emitters wired in series. if you wanted the emitters wired in parallel, you’d need a 9a two cell driver to achieve the same thing.

It would be an interesting first build, I have assembled a few diy hosts now and I find them very rewarding, particularly once you find a driver that gives the modes you want, an emitter with the tint you want and a host the size and quality you want, it may be hard going up against the dry though, that’s a very hard driven triple as is, its not so much a stock light as a custom light in itself.