Share your best deal on flashlight

well guys I would like to know the best deal you have got on the flashlights…
and I guess the best deal is temporary (just for the specific time or mistake :bigsmile: )and you cant get them now for that price…

Here is mine:
Jetbeam RRT-21:got it for 36-38 (it was a mistake from the seller) ordinarily it was 110-120
Fenix MC11: 20 $ (promotion for specific time) ordinarily: 40 $
Trustfire TR-801: 5 $ (on ebay) ordinarily : 10-12$

And this topic is not about you like them or not also it is not about best value for the money… its just about the best deal on that time …

Please share your experience! Thanks!

Trustfire ST-80 with the giant head. $46 for unreal throw.

wall buys olight i6 for $20

For me Wallbuys for everything, the Olighti6 for $19.00, the Fenix, LD12, LD22, and HL21 all for 50% off.

2 Gen3 MaxaBeams w/ 3 protective lens and 1 850nm IR lens for 400$


My favorite? No! Best bang for your buck? Home Depot super thrower.

Thrunite TN 30, Thrunite Catapult V3, & Olight i6. … :bigsmile:

Did reviews for them.

Free light is always the best! :bigsmile:

Oh yes!

$36 for my D25A. That’s list minus the discount everyone can get. It’s not that the price was so great, it’s how much better a light it bought (better than my other dozen or so 1xAA lights).

MCU-C-88 ultrafire from manafont ..28$

they stopped making them and suddenly everyone wanted one .

501B xre R2 battery and a charger for 4.95 $

my best deals has to be the $ 1.87 single-AAA Twisties i have. i keeps them everywhere, and been modding them with various emitters.
Toughest little light i have used.

Keygos KE-5, Free! Paid $17 on E-Bay after recommendation from this site. When it arrived, it was FINE! Excellent. I was HAPPY! Only small problem was it was O.S.O. instead of S.O.S. I mentioned that to the seller just for his information, I also mentioned how great the light was and how happy I was. He gave me my money back. It is one of my favorite lights. Yes, good lights can be inexpensive. This one and my Sipik clone are outstanding. But my Eagletac D25C Clicky, Titanium limited edition, $63, is a fine light, very pocketable, 11 modes “:o) and a strobe like no other.

$5.00 promotional sale last year.

Despite their shenanigans recently.

Pardon me.

Olight I6 was a pretty sweet deal @ $19. The wf-838 zoomie light that was at wallbuys $5.93 was good deal also! Should have bought more of both of these lights

Olight M20 with titanium ITP A3 in a special gift box. Bought 6 sets at $60 each set, the seller threw in 2 sets, so 8 sets for $360, so $45 per set. Sold the ITPs on CPF for $31 each and $5 shipping per order, most people bought more than one light. Sold the Olights locally with $7 AR15 gun mounts for $85 each. I kept 2 Olights and 1 ITP, made a ton on the others. I have lost much more overall than I have ever made on lights.

Yep, also the $2.50 shipped from e-bay, SK-68 (?) that someone turned us onto one night.

Armytek Predator XP-G2
It’s about $110 and free worldwide shipping :bigsmile: