Share your Black Friday experiences!

I’m not sure whether I should be glad or not that Black Friday isn’t practiced in Korea.

Please share your crazy shopping experiences here!

Sat down in front of my computer; clicked a few links… bought a few games.

’Twas a crazy black friday. :wink:

that actually looks like some fun!! :)

well .. standing for hours in a queue is not fun but that moment in the GIF, rushing into the store, racing against others, woahaha :D

all folks are upbeat. with the right attitude, could be a fun exciting day!, i imagine

I find it disgusting. It’s shameful how people act to get “bargains” on crap they don’t need. No wonder the rest of the world hates America. When I see the news footage of people literally fighting over a door buster deal, I hate America a little bit.

Not sure to blame, the shoppers or the malls.

Here’s an interest read about the history of Black Friday from Wikipedia:

Here’s a video before I go to sleep, haha!

If I wanna get pepper sprayed in the eyes and face I’ll sneak down some dark alley instead of bargain shopping at Walmart.


I read that one guy got knifed over a parking spot, many others wounded in fights. What a true testament to capitalism and the American way, at least it's what the American way has become.... so sad. Glad I'm old and ain't got long to go.

I never left the house till it was time to go to work. Glad I work evenings, didn't see a lot of traffic by then. I did buy two Maglites off the Lowes website. I consider that my big black friday adventure right there.

I went out. got two kindle fire hds for $100 a piece, got over $100 in assorted toys for under $10, got a box of 525 .22lr for $20, got a bunch more assorted toys at wallmart for a steal, got 120 AAs for something like $16. missed out on the lowes lights for $2.99 though, those were wiped out

none of the places I went looked like that. pretty much the only reason I went out was for the kindles for the kids xmas

Bought some lights due to some coupon codes on BLF.
Not super savings but enough to pull the trigger and buy it :wink:

Stayed home, picked the lint out of my navel and made soup…

I hope all the stores that have Thanksgiving day sales melt to the ground and the genitals of those idiots that fall for that crap shrivel up and fall off. Thanksgiving is for being home with family and friends, not for fighting over crappy stuff.

I went to work, spent a couple of hours on overtime fixing some machinery, came home and played a couple of videogames with some friends :beer: . I hear that some places in Canada are having black Friday sales now, and I have mixed feelings about that.

Those cheap maglites sound nice though, I wish I could grab a couple :weary:

Bough some alkaleaks, oil and filters, a shop vac, an inverter, a 32gb drive, and a few other goodies I’ve been wanting for a while. Personally I kind of like the concept of everyone having a unified sale day, but I hate the greedy consumerism associated with it. If somethings that I need and will get lots of use out of happen to be below their normal price of course I’ll take advantage of it.


One of my kids claimed he was starting boycotts of some of the biggest advertisers over this. That brought a large tear to my eye.

We thought we had completely skipped buying anything until 11PM last night when we got a tip on something and bought it online as the major gift for one of our sons.

My wife’s primary client is a retail firm and 3 of our kids work in retail, so we are mindful that sometimes doing the right thing means doing something difficult. As the news has shown, doing the wrong thing is easy to do and to self-justify.