Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05 XPE 3-Mode Rechargeable?

This looks like a neat little EDC-able light: Side button, rechargeable (I know…some people don’t like that), and my favorite feature…a reversible, deep-pocket clip for $6.99. May even include a 16340 ‘battery’…can’t tell from description.

Reflector seems to be set kind of far back, so beam/profile is questionable. One beamshot photo shows LED die clearly, however, can’t see how this is a zoomie from the photos. Nevertheless…under 7 bucks seems like a very reasonable deal.

Anyone heard of this new brand?

Clip reversed for deep pocket carry.

banggood started selling them…

maybe neal has more info?

I ordered from GB last week. Hope it exceeds my expectations.

Will that even stay in your pocket lens up? Half is above the top of the clip. Lens down carry looks nice and deep though, so…

I can’t see any info about battery or ability to charge. …

Yeah, I just typed the model number into google and found it on tmart also. They have more photos and it is a rechargeable light. That amber looking button around the center is the charging port. Opposite of it on the other side of the light is the control button in black.

Here’s a pic of charging port.

Lens up does seem as though it would spin sideways too easily. But I like lens down, deep in the pocket anyways.

Nice looking light for the price.

thanks for the charging port pics

but in my option that’s not “chargeable” because there is no charging intelligence in the light I think!
I have one of the cheapos with a port like that - just a plug directly connected to battery + and -
so one needs a charger where he connects a cable with a matching plug .

just imagine if one plugs in any wall power supply (5 or more Volt)

Mini review at

I bought one — blind “lottery” as I asked and never got an answer to my question for weeks — I asked what “yellow” meant.

More weeks later, long after the light arrived by slow boat, here’s the question and reply, for the amusement value:

I am about to give everyone the business secret — it’s a warm white emitter, not an amber emitter.
For how to take it apart, others have posted how to do that.