shaving down a 20mm emitter to fit in a convoy s2+

hi guys

ive a big handfull of 20mm emitters

ive a convoy s2+

would it be super silly to shaven down a 20mm emitter to fit in a s2+ pill

i have itchy hands and need to make this s2 . and im super impatient!

You can remove lip on pill to make it fit 20mm boards.

It would be quite a bit of grinding or shaving of the MCPCB to get 20mm down to the 16mm that will fit in the S2+. Be careful to look for shorts to copper core when you are grinding the area with the contact pads.

As kiriba suggested it most definitely is easier to just remove the lip in the pill.

I assume you mean the MCPCB, not necessarily the LED emitter itself.
Yes, it could probably be done, but:

  • it would be tedious.
  • it will probably remove a lot of the solder pads for the LED wires.
  • you may get shorts from the (+) solder pad to the mcpcb (and hence body) that you’ll have to deal with.

Proberly better for me to do the pill , but how would it be stuck in the pill ,

Or should I just wait and order a 16mm emitter

I’m so impatient :laughing:

If you s2+ has an led with mcpcp in it, just unsolder the led, and resolder the one you want, this could end somewhat badly though

I would not cut down the pill or the mcpcp unless money is not available for getting proper parts.

I'd get a proper 16mm led on copper mcpcb for the S2+ and save the 20mm you have for later.

LEDs on Noctigon copper MCPCB are my favorites but other copper ones work just as well but may have less thickness

What kind of emitters you’d like to swap?

I’ve found a solution, henk4u2 is sending me a 16mm

Good work Wim!
If you need any others, i might have something lying around

Got the led from henk4u2 and managed to put it in my convoy s2+ host

Thanks so much Wim

Happy days

Btw Henk4u2 sent it to me for free

What a star

That’s only half of the story.

That XP-L Hi only became available after Yokiamy sent me a White Flat emitter :+1:

I’m guessing it’s 6500k

It’s super white

It works very good in the convoy s2+
2.8amp max driver

One of them standard 7135 x8 drivers with biscotti firmware

I had to solder the driver in the pill but that was ok , it works well and now it’s become one of my work lights

I love this community, guys are so friend and love to help

Soon my turn to help someone else

What kind of gasket are you using?

I don’t have a gasket, just some tape covering the wires solder