Shipping 18650's from China to UK

It’s been quite a few months since I last ordered any batteries and just went onto banggood to order some more and it’s saying warehouse can’t ship to your destination???

I’m guessing this is new legislation is that right

If so has anybody any good sites that I can order from as I only ever got them from China previously and was trying to get some more of these

I’m open to alternative recommendations as well, it’s for someone who’s not that Li-ion savvy so protected may be better … they’re to go in a Convoy S2 is where i order from give it a try.

That makes sense …. I did get some from there once when I ordered a Zebralight … thank you :+1:

There isn’t new legislation. More likely the carriers are enforcing old rules about shipping LiIon batteries.

Have you seen the thread about a UK based battery reseller? They are offering a discount to BLF member and stocking cells we’ve requested including some button tops.