Shipping CONUS to Aus

Hi guys, just wondering if any of our American brothers can advise on the best/cheapest option for shipping small items, like flashlights and knives, from CONUS to Australia?

Your input is appreciated, thank you all :slight_smile:

Flat rate boxes or satchels. It is based on weight but cheaper than you think.


1st class letter post … Like $5 …

Shipping is often related to padding the price …

Gah, that link tells me $38 edc!

try the small box $16.95 (tab across) but it can be done cheaper. Just get the seller to box it and send it airmail. Should be less than $10

try first class mail option its cheaper depending on weight

for example. the leatherman wave weighs 8.5 ounces, allowing 1.5 ounces for packaging ie 10 ounces would cost $10.03 :wink:

USPS online calculator give large rates I think.

but I saw in real life 13”x11” size rigid envelope contain 6”x6”x2” box that received via USPS Priority Mail International cost 9.14US$ (according to stamp label)
weight around 250g

but Online calculator calculated this as 18$

better if someone can ask from post office in USA.

Thanks guys, spot on edc :wink:

I have received small packages from the US from $6-8 or so, but have had many online shops quote $45 or more also. I’m sure all the Aussies have similar stories.

The online calculators seem pretty useless. I know it can be done much cheaper, but it often seems too hard for some shops to bother. Guess they don’t need my business.

The members on this forum can do it though, guess they are smarter than the average bear/flashlight retailer. :wink: