SHOT Show 2023

I imagine someone on here or CPF will reverse engineer it to find the specs shortly so there is no need to keep it a secret. Besides once it gets a review and compared to other lights people will decide if it worth the money or not.

The Inforce salesman will probably be shocked to find that the runtime for all their lights are given in the specifications data :confounded: .

Based on the runtime, high output (also given in the specifications), and battery being used one can probably make a reasonable guess as to the current draw.

Being cynical, I’d guess the sales rep didn’t know the answers so just tried some proprietary BS to make it sound good.

Interesting about Eagtac, I’d considered their lights before as they seem like they have nice designs and okay drivers, might have to look harder at the brand, good to support people who care about their product…

Interesting information :open_mouth:

And definitely, EagTac will be even more under my attention from now on. That proprietary talk is probably some marketing to try to sell “proprietary BS” lights :smiley:
And me thinking that I would feel dumb if I went to those events :person_facepalming: