Should I be worried?

I ordered a couple items from (Noctigon XM16 MCPCB & Cree XM-L2 T6 4C LED, Noctigon XM16 MCPCB & Cree XM-L2 U2 1A LED, and an ALXM2 P60), which were shipped on September 3rd. Since then, I have not been able to view the tracking information on the China Post or USPS sites. I sent an email to intl-outdoor via their webform about a week ago and have yet to hear from them.

Is it normal for items from intl-outdoor to take this long to show up in tracking or be delivered? I’m getting to the point where I am about to file a claim with Paypal over this.

Edit: I just got home from work and it was delivered today :tired: I guess their shipping is absurdly slow.

They may not respond due to holidays... 40 day mark open dispute to be safe.

That place is the slowest place I've dealt with. My last order was placed on the 31st of August, also shipped on the 3rd of September, and still hasn't arrived. The two orders before that also took a very long time. Typical IOS. I'll email Hank soon and give him a chance to really send out a package if he hadn't already, but I'll file a dispute shortly the 45th day if I don't have what I ordered. His super slow shipping is why I got a programmer so I can reprogram my own nanjg105's instead of waiting forever for packages to arrives from IOS.

Sing Post tracking appears to be completely broken, I have several orders coming from different places and none of the tracking for Sing Post works at all.

Aaaaaand I just walked in the door from work and guess what was sitting on the counter? I guess it came on the slowboat from China…

I just got an order I ordered in the end of August myself. I think its just about every place in China since the early September rule change. And then occasionally a postofficer doesnt do his job slowing down the mail and someone gets a package within a reasonable time, so everyone else wonders where their package is :stuck_out_tongue:

You would think the Chinese Holiday extended to and was celebrated in San Francisco….my non battery order has been sitting there for 7 days according to the tracking. |(

I have an order from CNQG still on the way (I hope) from the 27th of August. There seem to be a lot of delays atm.

Similar situation here:

- order from FT, shipped on 18/9 via HK -> tracking doesn’t work

- order from WB, shipped on 23/9 via SG -> tracking doesn’t work

- order from aliexpress, shipped on 26/9 via CN -> tracking doesn’t work…
but interestingly

  • order from HKE, shipped on 30/9 via HK -> tracking works