Should I keep Shelf Queens?

I took a picture of my collection for the first time (damn crummy cell phone camera, my other cameras are broken) and realize i have more lights then i want. Everything left of the Cyclone i am not really interested in keeping and will look into selling (if your interested PM me, Canadian shipping is pricey though), but some on the right i don’t have much use for either.

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For example i bought a second Convoy M1 and S2, first generation. They have never been used except to test when i got them, and to be honest new Convoys would be brighter and have better heat dissipation with shelves instead of brass pills. What would you do with them?

I would probably buy a few of those if you sold them. I have one of those orange “popup” lanterns with the USB charger, (the solar version) and modded it with a W/W XP-G and better LiIon cells. I see a couple there i would make use of if the price was right. :slight_smile:

If you have friends that can be responsible with Li-Ions, then a few could make good gifts.
Nothing like going out in the dark with like minded flashoholics no matter the age!

Well i am looking to sell several Thorfire VG10s (old and new version), C5, the TS07 stainless steel one is nice but has a design flaw i can’t fix but you probably could, the X6 SE special edition is nice but i can’t replace the driver easily so its low output means its not much good to me either (perhaps a free light in exchange for upgrade)?

That orange pop up lantern was a review sample, i took it apart, one of the wires broke and it does not go back together again properly. I was going to throw that in for free, plus a few other lights that aren’t worth anything would be free for the taking.

i made a thread once about a friend who liked some of my lights but is too absent minded to handle li ion, the consensus was to avoid them. In the end i gave him a giveaway light (incidentally from DBSAR) and he bought some Coast 600 lumen 4AA lights (far right corner) so he is good and much safer.

I have given a few as gifts, but usually not li ion, i dont have any friends i could give them to with interest (or a clear conscience)

To answer you question.


If you are a true consumer craving driven flashaholic support the Chinese and always buy more.

If you know what you want, and have “enough” yes, there is such a thing, then sure post and sell the others!

And for us, the photo is better then nothing but we don’t really see or know what you have so pull the ones you want to keep and take a second photo and also itemize what remains and either post some prices or obo and move em out.

Sent you a PM.)

Indeed, i have been thinking about it for a while, but the Olight giveaway made me actually puth tem all together and take a pic, that is not actually their home, most are in the original boxes

Yeah I know what you mean, it can be hard to find someone you can trust with understanding the safety issues with Li-Ions, I think we all have friends like that. They want the bright powerful light but are not interested in the care and maintenance of the cells.

interesting topic. How do you guys off-load flashlights? here on BLF only in the WTS section or also ebay? I tried selling redundant lights on ebay and people didn’t really bite. guess that isn’t the best place to sell custom or high-power lights?

ps - great lights up there Bort!

I don’t do much selling, but I do some second-hand buying. There’s a pretty active WTS section here. CPF has several such sections broken down into factory stuff, custom stuff, etc. Its quite active. There’s also a monthly b/s/t thread on reddit’s flashlight community. Those three places have been the best places for me to buy, so I’d imagine they’re pretty good places for selling, too.

Bort, I’m sorry but I can’t really tell what you’ve got for sale here. If you really want to sell them, make us a list and someone will probably snatch them up.

I have spoken with one memeber who may in interested in a few, after that is decided i will probably make a WTS post.

Some lights might be good for mods.
I have started upgrading drivers and LEDs in my least used lights that look good or are a particular size.
What lights do you want to sell in particular?

I too was unsatisfied with the driver the first BLF X6 came with, but it’s a nice host with a good heat dissipation thanks to the details that were asked for the GB, so I would have that upgraded to either a better driver (GuppyDrv firmware or the BLF A6 17mm driver you can now get at BG) or something a bit more special like a triple. Or an XP-L HI or XP-G2 to make a pocket thrower.

I feel with you I also have some lights which have a quirk on them and it’s not really worth the hassle because if you invest a lot of time into a build it makes no sense to save 10$ initially especially when there are now really nice BLf groupbuy a availbale…
On the other hand these lights don’t consume much space, if you pack them in a box with some cloth for protection all would fit inside one box…
I use the original x6 with original driver quite often. I just dedomed the led and resistormodded the driver. even on a 18350 I get over 1000lumens which is a really useful brightness.
A blfA6 driver costs around 6$ so an upgrade would be cheap.