Should I replace my Nitecore i4 with the Xtar VC4?

Hey guys,

The subject says it all. Is it worth a change?
I like the fact, that the VC4 can charge faster and the display is very useful as well.

Oooor should I buy a Opus 3100 2.2?

I charge weekly.

I use an I4 at work because I do not need any meter or LifeP04 capability. At home I use a D4 usually and a BT-C3100 for analyzing and Nimh (does better than D4). Since I have both I have no need for the VC4 but I an considering a VC2+ for work because of the 1A and 4.35 capability.

If you do not need 4.35 (now or future) a VC4 would be a good choice and if you want to analyze/discharge batteries add a BT-C3100 to compliment the VC4

Well, I have all 3 in your shortlist as I had the i4 earlier before the VC4 and the latest is the Opus.
FWIW, the Opus keeps both the i4 and VC4 in the drawer.

Thanks for the info!

Unfortunately I do not know if I need the extra functions of the Opus in the future. Could be possible, as I’m getting more and more a ‘flashaholic’ recently.

How does a 1.5 or even 2.0A charge rate affect the lifespan of a cell?

I wouldn’t get the Xtar, high failure rate, 50% failure rate for me and warranty is useless.

It all depends on how fast you want to charge your cells if 750mA for two batts or 375 for 4 is fast enough there is no need for a upgrade.
I still use my i4, just think of that bay 1&3 and bay2&4 share their current.

Hallo aus dem Saarland, Werner :bigsmile:

1A would be nice. I also like the fact, that the Opus can charge up to 2A. But as I questioned above: does 1.5 or even 2A charge effect the lifespan of a cell?

Never heard of a 50% failure rate for the Xtar chargers tho…

The VC4 has the same charge rates as given above assuming you mean 750mA for each battery when charging one or two cells, or 375mA for each battery when charging three or four cells.

In a few years even better chargers will be available, best upgrade only when you get a big improvement.

The VC4 charges 1 or 2 with 1A and 3 or 4 with 0.5A.

Can no one answer me the question, if it is affecting negatively the lifespan of my cells when I charge them up with 1.5 or 2.0A?

Cells are usual rated at 0.2C, i.e. 1/5 of capacity as charge current. That means that the 300 or 500 cycle lifespan for a 3000mAh cell is measured with 0.6A charge current.

Going a bit above it may affect lifespan, going a lot above it will affect lifespan (Some cells do have an extra cycle rating for high current charging).

I use KeepPower 3500mAh’s. That would make a charge rate of 700mA. I think I’ll just stick with the i4 then :bigsmile:

Thanks, HKJ!

I read somewhere that in practice it charges at about 0.75 and 0.375 A despite the specs. Mine charges slower than expected and I’m using a decent USB power source.