Show us what you got for Christmas

OK, I’ll start it off.
I got a bottle that looks like a light bulb and a bottle opener that my wife saw on “Shark Tank”

And my brother, who heard about my penny deals at Home Depot, gave me some pennies.

Cool! I saw that opener on Shark Tank too.

I got two 18650 batteries from RMM’s giveaway. I’m also getting a very special P60 drop in made by a friend.
Great timing on both since my room got broken into earlier this month and a lot of my lights and batteries got stolen.

OOOH I like that bottle a lot! Glass too! Might have to go find where those come from.

My wife got a new petrol driven blower from her loving husband. I feel better now knowing shes not dragging an electric lead around on the roof cleaning the gutters.

Too funny.

Nice t shirt. I used to tell people while out pushing the kids around in the pusher that in another 40 years the roles will be reversed.

An insane GPU. :slight_smile:

The point of Christmas is not getting material gifts…

Which is why MRsDNFs gift was so wonderful, it was pure giving, from the heart… I nearly wept

haha what a coincidence, albeit not quite as good as a 970 :frowning:

I got an EVGA GTX760 Dual FTW 4GB version.

I also bought myself a Samsung 28” UHD monitor

But i like material gifts (actually i would hate a gift of material, i have no interest in using a sewing machine)

WL Toys V911

My most expensive gift this year~ :santa:

oooohhh that’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

I got a a Husky Toolchest, and a Supfire L5 with permission to buy plenty of necesary components to make it better :wink:

I got a Juniper wood handled Percival " francis " knife ....and a wave leatherman multi-tool from JamesBs' giveaway that arrived today ..... Awesome !!!

And an olight i-7R ti on the way from the Banggood giveaway.

proof that ....

Even a christmas nut finds a squirrel every once in a while .:P

Somebody has been a good boy.

Downlinx - you will love that is a tank! Love the grips!

Dat GPU doe…