Showed off my L2 to some family tonight.

Well I have pretty much kept my flashlight life private to my family and friends apart from one brother than only knows of this L2 that I have bought recently, I don't know why, I just didn't feel like explaining to them and thinking they might compare it to someone collecting electric can openers or toasters, questioning why I need so many of them.

A few weeks ago I got my L2 (MF UF 3 mode XM-L T6) and one of my brothers saw it and ended up buying one a similar 18650 XM-L flashlight.

Anyway tonight we had a small family get together at my brothers property, after it got dark one of my brothers said "want to show them (the 2 other brothers) your torch?". So I agreed and took them outside, I could tell they really couldn't be bothered going outside and were only coming out as not to offend.

I went to my car and got it, then walked back the the verandah and pointed it at the big shed about 50 meters away, clicked the switch and it lit the whole shed up.. to see the looks on their faces was pretty funny, I am sure they were expecting something similar in performance to the cheap LED flashlights that they sell at hardware stores in boxes of 20 for $5 each.

I then pointed it to the tree line about 100 meters away and it was easy to make out individual branches, then one of them asked me to sine it down the road and he wanted to walk down there. He walked for about 150-175 meters to the end of the road before it turns and stopped and then started walking back, I tried to shine it infront of him so it wouldnt blind him. When he got back he said when he got to the end he looked at his watch and could read the time easily.

He asked me how much and where to get one, then I gave it to him to use for a little while. Then one of my brothers wives come out and saw it, she couldn't believe so much light some out of something so small when she saw all the trees lit up right up the back of the property. The first thing she said was "no way!" and then also asked me how much I can get one for her.

So I guess soon my whole family will have them, maybe then I can mention something about having more than 1 and they might understand

Also tonight was the first time I got to really use it properly, before now I have only used it in my house or outside the front of my house to light up the house across the road but that's in a well lit up area. So it was the first time for me seeing what it is really capable of as well.

I thought it was a good torch before, but now I know its a great torch and so do they.

nice one.

thanks. :)

That's great! I have never gotten a reaction like that. I have one brother who likes gadgets and likes flashlights (he even bought a couple of Enlan knives on my recommendation instead of a $70 one from LL Bean), but the rest of the family doesn't really care.

This reminds me the first time i showed an XM-L flashlight to my very uninterested wife. She was speechless.

There you go, creating further addictions. Did you at least give them the URL's for Manafont and DX?

lol no, I did actually mention some names of some websites but they wern't interested at all, they just want to give me the money.

I would probably show more people my flashlights because a lot of people would probably like to have one also, but then I would have to explain how they would need to use special rechargeable batteries that are potentially dangerous. I guess I could show them some lights that take disposable batteries, but I don't have any really exciting lights that take AA or AAAs. Even the SK-68 isn't all that impressive until you pop a 14500 in. One of my co-workers did buy an ITP A3 Eos from Shiningbeam after I showed him mine. I also gifted one of my $4 home depot XP-E 3 X AAA lights to a friend and he uses it all the time and loves it.

I have a similar story, I bought my Dad a L2T with the MF UF dropin. He showed it to his sister who then wanted one. She wanted one for her boss as a Christmas present. He showed his to two co-workers who wanted one of course. And so on and so on...

I think I've ordered 10 L2Ts and dropins with chargers and TF flames so far.

At my cost plus $1.00

It's always nice to get positive reinforcement from the family about your hobby.

My family and friends are all torched-up, so most of my new converts are vendors. (Plumbers, electricians, et al.)

I can't remember a bill in the last 2 years that hasn't been 'adjusted' in some way, and the vendor always leaves with a new toy tool.

My last plumbing call was a n/c, and all it cost me was an iTP A3 stainless and 3 Lithium primaries.

Great story...same things happens to me...Even with my Sipik 68 I show it to people with the focus square on a tree far away, and they say HOLY COW thats awesome. Followed by...

where do you buy them

whats it cost

does it take regular batteries LOL.

Of course people like lights, they are awesome, everyone can use a good light, so handy.

My brother's reaction to a triple XM-L was similar to ezarc's brother.

Except he thinks I'm crazy for owning about 150 lights.

I've not counted them recently and have given quite a lot away so I don't actually know (or really care) how many I own. Every RC-G2 I've ever bought, and every Sipik has been given away.

I really am not a fan of zoomies but they seem to impress the uninitiated.

The only one of my collection that interested my brother was the triple (FandyFire STL-V2) - in fact he was interested enough that I wonder if the defence contractor he works for (He spent 27 years in the air force) will end up selling something similar. But at rather a lot more money. He wasn't at all interested in the VaraPower 2000 prototype which is almost as powerful (1500 or so lumens instead of 1750 or so) and a lot more flexible. And is a far better light in basically every respect.

I've "sold" about a dozen L2/L2Ps, three 980Ls and given away I don't know how many L2is. All the shops we use, it seems like every mechanic has a Streamlight Stinger and more than a few are quite proud of their pricey torch . . . until Foy ruins their day with his $30 L2.

In fact, I get asked so often, I keep an extra L2 and another L2P with the UltraFire XM-L drop-in, 4 flame 18650s and two UF chargers on my desk, basically all the time. I'm not in it for the money (wish I could be) I just like doing it and of course, the opportunity to "piggy-back" an item or two on the same order for sold flashlights.


Best to do it at night ..

make sure they bring their light too . :)

If I had shown my most expensive light to my ex-wife she would have been speechless too, at least for a few seconds until she blurted out, "You paid how much for that?"