Silicone holder for Skilhunt H02

Where can I find one that is less bulky. I bought an ultrafire headband with silicone holder but the rings are to tight, I can’t rotate the light when its on my head. I’ve found a shop that sels the zebralight ones from Holland but I don’t know which one to buy. They are at the bottom of the page.outside link
If someone knows a better deal or suggestion, always welcome

Ok since noone answer I’ll ask it in another way
Which zebralight headlamps has the same diameter of the skilhunt H03?

Skilhunt headlamp straps (wt top strap,) are available from fast tech for just over $6US

The price on those zebralight ones isn’t so bad. I just added some waxy grease to the rings on my skilhunt and now it rotates a little bit easier. Still really tight though.

I don’t have any zebralights to compare sizes, but I would think any of the models that are 18650 would be fine

The H600 headband and holder fits my H02R, but a little bit tight.

Thanks for the replies I’ll check out the H600. I like the glow in the dark ones, must be easy to find back in the tent at night.