Silver Plated Solid Copper P60 Triple Heatsink Blanks + Parallel Wired Triple MCPCBs

Now that that mouthful of a subject is over with I hope these are appropriate to hawk here.

Hi all! My names Matt. I’m new around these parts but not new in the flashlight world. For a little while now I’ve been machining and selling the blanks you see below cough elsewhere but figured these forums, with it’s much heavier DIY vibe, would be interested in them.

Detail wise these are (will be) pure silver electro-plated, solid copper, CNC lathed P60 blanks suitable for use with 20mm MCPCBs, 17mm drivers and Carclo 20mm optics (10mm high):

Dimensions seem to fit everything so far…I’ve had no misfits. Surefires, Solarforce and even some higher end lights (TnC, Macs etc). Obviously some copper tape or aluminium foil won’t go astray if the fit isn’t snug enough for you.

I only picked up the blanks from my machine shop today so they will be cleaned and plated this coming Friday ready for shipping.

Each blank will also come free with a Parallel wired Triple MCPCB suitable for any XPG footprint emitters (XPE, XPG, XPG2 and Nichia 219). When I say parallel wired I mean there is a single positive and negative terminal and the emitters are connected in parallel - perfect for use with stacked 7135 based drivers. They use black soldermask and have no silkscreen on them other than a white + and - sign marking the solder tabs.

The MCPCBs are due for delivery this Thursday (photo above sent to me from the Manufacturer yesterday).

Asking price is AUD$50 for a single blank plus MCPCB shipped anywhere in the world (standard shipping). If you want special shipping it will cost more - PM me for rates.

Please note I only have 40 blanks and roughly 10 are already accounted for.

Please PM me if you would like to purchase one and feel free to ask me any questions in the thread below.


- Matt

Thanks that is nice looking and sounds like that is a nice board also.

Thanks. I’ll.probably turn a few into completed triple dropins as well.

- Matt

Free bump and a howdy Mattaus :slight_smile:

I own one of your gen 1 dropins, and would like to vouch for the fit and finish on the modules, top notch :wink:


Thanks Kendall :slight_smile: Other than the new angled base these are identical to gen1. Still working on gen2 - painful progress to say the least and the last few days have been an eye-opener!

Price on tripple complete

Those are beautiful; I look forward to seeing more pics when possible.

Complete drop-ins are a bit pricier given the work I need to put in: AUD$120.

Price includes:

- Standard Shipping anywhere in the world

- Your choice of emitter (XPE, XPG, XPG2, Nichia)

- your choice of 7135 based driver

- Your choice of drive level (4.5A MAX)

  • Your choice of one Carclo 20mm optic.

Some notes:

1) I use the 7135 based drivers. If you want one with the ATtiny13 chip I can reprogram it with all the custom firmwares running around these forums. Please note though that I have never done this - my programming gear was only ordered last night. I am also incapable of customizing the firmwares further so I can only use what is already written.

2) I use Arctic Silver thermal glue for mounting the MCPCB, high temperature silicone wire for wiring it all up, and thermal epoxy for sealing the driver into the back end. I also use MUCH nicer springs that what the drivers come standard with.

The price is steep-ish but cheaper than an O*eready triple and considering what you get about right from what else is available (the only triple thats cheaper is $99 + shipping, non-configurable and made from brass). Also if you have any problems post sale I am more than happy to correct the issues, generally at my own cost provided you cover shipping :slight_smile:

Please note that if people do want a custom triple my build time is “when it’s ready”. I bit off far more than I could chew the last time I did this and the stress in making 50(!) in one hit sucked. I’ll limit myself to maybe 4 or 5 a fortnight at most from now on!


- Matt

Wow, cool stuff Mattaus, and welcome from another Aussie.

Look forward to seeing more of your handiwork.

First post updated with better pics.

- Matt

Will I be able to use your drop-in driven at 4.5A in a stock Solarforce L2 without a stronger switch? Will the drop-in see all 4.5A? thanks

Honestly I can't say. I'm only aware of my drop-in being specifically used In lights with McClicky switches. It might have been used but ill have to ask everyone who bought a 4.5A unit. I can say for sure it handles 3A fine as I have one unit in my own L2T right now.

Oh and in my tests the dropin does get the full 4.5A, but again that's with a McClicky And decent batteries.

PayPal sent!

Cant wait to get :bigsmile:

Matt - Glad you made your way here.

Please check your PM at CPF…

I have checked and replied :) very busy today!!

Sunday bump - new picture showing everything together added to first post.