Simple Budget Thrower Needed

I am seeking suggestions on a flashlight with good throw that fits the following criteria:

- Under $50 USD

- Requires no modifications

- Provides great throw and light output for a minimum of approximately 700 feet (approximately 200 meters)

- No preference of battery type

  • A simple high/low or high/medium/low interface

Are these models good options? Convoy L2 or Jaxman X1 or Emisar D1S

emisar d1s or astrolux ft03 fits very well, the interface is both simple and complicated, depends on how deep you want to dive into

it can be: off-click-on-flick-off

but if you want more simple UI, the convoy L2 is also a good choice, but it’s quite chunky imo

Lumintop gt mini or micro

Convoy C8

I much prefer high/medium/low without memory effect so it always starts on high…

You should also put into this criteria weather you want 1x18650 or you wan’t something larger?

In 18650 size you can’t beat Mitko’s super thrower(supwildfire something) 300kcd+ reflector light but it requires modding, also if you wan’t zommie nothing beats B158 Brinyte in size/throw ratio 300+ kcd light (yes also modding).

200 meters throw (usable), so probably a flashlight with a rated throw of 400+ meters. Many flashlights now easily achieve that.

Depends on what size, but I think a compact portable flashlight will do. You mentioned Convoy L2, which I would consider as a bit big. Convoy C8 size (similar to the Emisar D1S you mentioned) would be great. Biscotti firmware on Convoy C8+ allows you to changed into the 3 brightness levels group, which you want.

No love for the Astrolux FT03?

I’ve wondered the same thing. I’ve seen many threads over the last few weeks on here and r/flashlight requesting a budget thrower;it seems like the ft03 is among the last to be mentioned, I’m not sure why. It’s got a simple interface, 30ish bucks with a coupon, and has a rated 875m throw but was measured at 950m in zeroair’s review. Granted it’s not as compact as something like the D1S but it puts out a heckin a lot of light a long distance for 30 bucks, can’t be beat.

FT03 is good, I especially like the USB rechargeable function. I use a Shockli 26650 with it and I’m surprised at how long it lasts.

There is currently a group buy for a silver Astrolux C8 for $17. It’s rated at 1300lm, 639m throw but mode cycle is L-H though. You could go H-L by half press-hold the switch for about 1.5 seconds. on the switch but I don’t think that’s what you would want.

As others have suggested; the Emisar D1S fits the bill perfectly. If you want a slightly more compact light the normal D1 is still very throwy (definitely not as much as the D1S though), and will be more compact.

Convoy C8 with SST-40 emitter. Less than $20, very bright, very good build quality, can be configured to give high and low modes.

Can’t comment on the throw yet as it doesn’t get dark early enough here at the moment to try it out, but it’s certainly brighter than my Convoy C8 XPL HI.

The Astrolux C8 would be your best bet:

Throws quite far, is simple to use, and very low-low-medium-high operation that is possible.

I have these lights, what can do any meaningful in 200m:
Convoy C8+ XP-L HI - 1*18650, narrow beam, from 200m you can clearly see a white statue in front of a dark background (rocky grassy hill), but don’t really see the details.
Convoy L6 XHP 70.2 - 2*26650, bright spill around you, and you can see the above mentioned hill clearly from 200m. Banggood + coupon = about $50

other suggestions:

Astrolux S2 has Bistro firmware, can be configured to High-Med-Low (3 brightness levels).

Sofirn C8G with XHP35-Hi, manufacturer rating 2000 lumens, uses 1x21700.

OP here.

The Convoy C8 seems like the winner due to performance and price.

Can someone please link me to the best version C8 to purchase?

I also will need batteries and a charger. I would appreciate a link to that as well!

I’m a noob to BLF! I have a lot to learn.

Best Convoy C8 overall, with good power and good battery life:

Best overall charger:

Cells(buy 2/4 of them, just in case):

Is there a big difference between the Convoy C8 and the Astrolux C8?

Yes when I received my Astrolux it really made the Convoy seem weak in fact I lost interest in the Convoy after I played around with the Astrolux.

Astrolux FT03 the best for throw ratio quality cost and UI and 21700 too!