Single 18650/26650 3 or 4 XM-L2 budget flashlight recommendation

Have a S2+ and waiting for Convoy C8 and S3 to arrive. S2+ is excellent flashlight, but I need something stronger for that time when night turns into day and your normal EDC flashlight looks kinda weak… Don’t need much runtime, since it would be used only 20 or so minutes a day, so single 18650/26650 is my choice. 3 or 4 XM-L2 would be ideal. My budget is $40 max. I absolutely prefer flood light here, although a trower can be good with a difuser.

At first I was thinking of UltraFire 4-L2 but size do matters here, I don’t want to carry a brick.


DQG Tiny

With mad max coupon

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Ah yes a SRK clone works with 1 up to 4 cells but is a tad fat :wink:

You could just wait to see if the C8 brings you the brightness you need.

That DQG Tiny looks really amazing! I like the boost driver on it, so no more beam fading…

@The Miller - Don’t really believe C8 is gonna make any difference since it’s the same 1000L output as my S2+, and its not a flood as well…