Single bay 18650 Mobile power bank

I bought a couple of crappy power bank (the one from BIC and another $2 power bank) and they have at least two issue:

- No overcharge control

  • No over discharge control
    So I search on the forum and I found this thread with a lot of info BUT not the answer I was looking for.
    All the suggestion are for dual bay mobile power bank but I need the single bay version and all the experiences are negative.
    So, is there a good single bay (small) mobile power bank??
    Thanks for the help!

Here's one for free.

I didn't have it long enough to test for overcharge or discharge before I gave it away.

HKJ has reviewed a number of usb boxes, but no single cell ones, as far as I can see.

I have the 2x18650 enb one, which works well, and has HKJ’s approval.

Your link is giving a 404 (not found) error.

EDIT: This one?

I have the xtar wp2s. It is 2-bay, but it is HKJ-approved and has 2.1A output.

Apologies, links added. Edit>> That’s the one!

@leaftye: your link bring me to a login page…

@woody: i saw the two bay option approved by HKJ and i really like it but i need a smaller solution so single bay solution is the only way to go…

Make an account, play their games, get the free battery. I have an email account I use specifically when I think I'll get spam.

See comments here for more info.

Thanks for the hint but it doesn’t work for people outside US…

ML-102 suit?
HKJ’s review: Review: ML-102 Charger

Sorry, I should have noticed your location.

I’d take free stuff but I’m certainly not giving out the last 4 of my ssn.

Did you have to give your real name, real ssn?

Random name, random ssn, denied.

Which one bay banks do you have?

Sorry for being off topic, but that is scary that the tobacco companies can check and see if your SSN matches your name that quickly. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but that is freaky!

FASTTECH has a bunch of them on there. Just because HKJ hasn’t reviewed ALL of them doesn’t mean they are all bad. I really like the look of the Ruinovo 3 battery pack

ML-102 bit with closed housing would be interesting.

2x18650 are too big for me, so I’m also looking for 1x18650. The goal is to mount it (and the mobius camera) on the bike helmet.

You can add two bars to the ML-102 to keep the battery secure when using it as a powerbank. ML-102 Modifications Two paperclips would work.

ML-102 -You can also use a velcro strap or rubber band to keep the battery in.

Yeah…unfortunately it will hang up…I tried this, taped a 18650 in my Miller ML-102, charge the battery, but when I tried to charge something, I had to remove the battery and put it back in for it to be able to charge…if they had a reset button or something to temporarily sever connection to the battery to activate the charge, other than that…they work freeking GREAT! I replaced the charge resistor on my V6.0 ML-102 w/ a 2.2K ohm resistor for approx 500mA charge current to the 18650…yeah it takes a bit longer to charge but it doesn’t stress the battery as much

But for retention the velco strap is ingenious!

@Werner: i have the one described in the first post of this thread Review: cheap 18650 mobile power bank with FM6316CE IC.

ML102 is quite interesting. Maybe i can make a mechanical mod to add a cover… Where i can buy it?

Fasttech has them: