Single mode Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel.

This is the first time I've seen a single mode of the C3 SS. Pretty good price too.

I see this light when i was searching a pocket light. If you plan to use it with 14500 maybe you can spend a bit more and buy the version with modes. With one mode it works always on high and with 14500 became hot really fast..

I own this one and really like it, for the money. You can vary the modes a bit depending on the battery you use...14500, AA, Ni-MH. Simple, bright, good build quality, feels good in hand...mine was delivered in only a few days (US).

That's a nice price for a stainless light.

Even worth buying for modding with a desired driver!

Low and medium's are very useful on such a light. My SS C3 which is my EDC now despite of the weight gets uncomfortably hot on high on Nimh alone pretty quickly.

I got one of these in the post today from Tmart.

It really is very nice, the machining is very good indeed to the extent that it's quite hard to see where it unscrews when it's all tightened up.

Obviously it's not the brightest of lights but other than that I can't fault it. It just feels very nice in the hand as well, very sturdy and a nice bit of weight to it (88grams).


Well I found a tiny fault after looking at the Tmart pictures again, I didn't get a GITD o-ring in front of the reflector. Both the internal o-rings are GITD which is always amusing, but sadly they are slightly to small to be swapped into the head.

The first part of the description on Tmart's page for this light just became my new sig.

It is quite wonderous :)