I got 2 large bags going out today, ill be spending 1hr filling out forums lol

do it online!

you can copy and paste from our PMs

Hey nitro, did you get my PM?

I don’t think I did unless I skimmed over it, can u send it again please

I missed this, my bad. Resent!

Any progress on shipping these out?

They are all sent

Has my host been shipped?

Cheers nitro


Even though I’m waiting for a bunch of shipments, I knew as soon as I put my hand on the bubble mailer what was in there - HEAVY.

Thanks, nitro, I know this was a lot of work.l

Sure was lol, by time I got everything boxed I found out the postal service prices went up >)

But I hope u guys like them

Hoping today's the day, will find out when I get home... Thanks again nitro!!

Just arrived :bigsmile:
Big ups for doing this GB, nitro.

No problem guys, next ill try to get a GB started for 16mm boards BUT it will be lil more $$ since there is a charge to use there tooling ext…. And USPS prices went up

Thank you so much for doing this Nitro. I would have bought the 20mm boards but dont have many flashlights that can use them. Is there any chance to also have 14mm boards made?

Wondering how far these 20's can be trimmed. In looking at a typical 20mm, taking 2mm off the edge gets you into the solder pads for + and -, so probably not a good idea? For lights like the HD2010 where it takes a 16mm but has slop space, hoping I can do a little trim to fit these in. Wonder what everyone else is planning - been looking over my lights and the ones that have a 20mm are definites, but I got more 16's. What's weird is my biggest single emitter light, a 7G9, has a 16mm aluminum standard star, but has tons of room to take something much bigger - what a waste - 1st choice to get a SinkPAD 20, and I think it's pretty adjustable on the height. Got this host from I-O: t10 just waiting as well, a couple of C8 brass pills, etc.

If I can’t use the stars on anything else ill use them for aspheric throwers

Got mine! Woo!

Thanks again for putting this together — much appreciated.

I’m sure I could trim a 20mm w/o much trouble - remember you can scrap the paint off the traces and solder there if you don’t want to solder that close to the edge.

But - w/ a 16mm group buy coming next, I’d rather pay $3 than spend a half hour messing around making a 20mm into a 16.

Now, if I needed a 14…I’d probably trim a 16, and maybe the specs we provide could make that easier w/ solder pad placement.

What I’m told once we pay the machine/tool charge we don’t have to pay that again

Will just be charged of the cost of the boards