sipik sk-98 3 xm-l

I’ve ordered a mt-g2 to mod a sipik sk-98 but expect to receive the mtg-2 is boring and i have built a sipik sk-98 3 xm-l

the leds come in series I have set it in paralel


I have use one samsumg inr 18650 20r with very low internal resistance, with the battery fullchargued is easy to get too much current, now are direct drived but I want use one nanjg 105 with many 7135 for limit the current

the flood is nice

that’s one bright SK98! :beer: :beer:
where did you get the 3 XM-L star from? link? :smiley:

What's the focus throw look like..that is way cool by the way!

Question on heat, the pill is hollow correct, how well is it going to handle the heat?

the pill is not hollow is solid

this sk-98 from fasttech have the pill solid

weird flashlights, I love them, well done!

hmmm….I don’t remember were I have buy the pcb

maybe here but im not sure

the pcb come in series and its necessary set the leds in parallel

Nice!!! That is the same one I have inbound cool!

Would you recommend putting artic silver on the back of the light assembly to help pull the heat away?

Nope...this is the one I have inbound...fooey

Nice nice triple XML in a SK98!! Might be brighter then the MT-G2 though, not sure about the heat…

What about trying to dedome the XMLs and use a triple carclo optic?

Now if only there’s a way to make brass or copper pills for the SK98… :smiley:

Hahahah my small brother has told me the same when has seen the flashlight

Hmm good idea, why not buy a bunch of 650nm red laser modules and stick them together in a triple configuration and drill 3 holes in the pill, stick in them in and wire them parallel off a 18650 in a SK98 :smiley:

SK98 triple laser build :smiley:

So it was red in the first movie… but I remember seeing it green multiple times, there is so many versions, especially in video games.

I don’t think red modules can fit because they are for most as long as half the flashlight body. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build! The throw beam(s) is fun! It might be more interesting to have parallel beams. But now they are diverging.
The predator pictures are funny! :smiley: