Sipik SK68 or UltraFire - Flood-to- Throwing Zooming Cree Q5 Flashlight (AA/14500)

Got my first Ultraok ZS-2 today by accident - I ordered one clone from ebay that had a silver zoom ring on it, thought it was an UltraFire. (Here )

Then I read this thread and followed Ubehebe’s link and ordered the one clearly marked “UltraOK” in the photo. Well the “Ultrafire” with the silver ring showed up first and it’s an UltraOK too! So anyway, Ubehebe is right. It’s is noticeably better quality right off the bat. Solid solid solid, nicely machined, and yes, lubed from the factory. Pretty awesome. Seems bright too, but hard to tell how much brighter in the daytime. I gave away all my other SK68s and clones, so all I have to compare to is lights that are quite different or have different LEDs. But, I can say I’m not giving this one away any time soon.

Received my first UltraOK ZS-2 today and I can confirm that the pill is not hollow (not entirely anyway - ya’ll know what I mean).

Well this light… arrived today. The best $5.87 I spent in a long time. It seems to be well built and it is a good looking light. The pocket clip is well made and sturdy. Thanks guys for all the input.

Hi I have some of the sk68s.
today this\_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 ultrafire clone arrived and it is a bit different from the sipik one, the cool rips on the head are different. So the ultrafire has less sharp edges and the build quality seems a little bit better. The switch cap is also another, it’s not the standard one its more round and has no ripples for better grip as usual. ( I am still finding out how to post pictures… Tips welcome)
The Led inside is no xre(the one with the metal ring around) it is a newer one with a little dome and 3stripes so I think xpe. And the ring around the Led is polished so it has a little reflector, I think that is why in zoom mode there are a lot of spikes around(looks funny)
Tailcapcurrent current from a primary AA is about 2A the sipik on has about 1.2A.
But it is not brighter measured by eye, perhaps because the sipik one has cooler temperature.
I have some more sipik in the mail so I will compare them all. I cant find the colored anodized ones from dinodirect I had, but it was brighter. but a blue one from DD should arrive next week.

I can’t find the Ultraok ZS-2 anywhere, just the eBay seller mentioned above and he doesn’t send to Germany.

Perhaps we all should make pictures of the ones we have and compare them…

Any recommendation for a sipik with modes?

Hello, I made a short video test of the Ultrafire "sk68" Q5 :


My Sipiks CAN tail stand, my Ultrafires can NOT.

Skapri, nice you got a XPE too. It sounds funny when you say LED. :bigsmile:
Mine sk68 like shown in the above picture is now modded with a 3 mode driver (no blinky) and XML. It’s my favorite and it can tail stand.
I have changed the o ring from Pill, now it’s harder to zoom but I think it’s more watertight.

These sk68 are all different, I have one with a big lens so it can’t top stand.
The 3 mode I got has no label at all, just black. and it can’t tail stand so good. Also there is instead of a rubber o ring a wire on the pill. That makes zooming real easy.

Can’t find rubber tailcaps for that little lamb, hints welcome.

Hello, another video for you :

Have had about 15 sk68 from different sources. Gave most away. Found 2 brightest ones had heavier tail cap spring. Swapped tail cap and made all the difference on weaker lights. Too bad all don’t invest extra cent on heavier spring.

Would someone recommend this one from the seller Ubehebe recommended?\_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Also, does anyone know if it support the control remote? Like this one for example

What’s the OD of the button not including the seal ring?