Sipik SK86 clone $3.99 USD from T-mart (limited to first 1000 buyers) Expired

I spotted this on

Normal price is $7.43
Click HERE and add to cart.

Use the code “tmart0528” without the quotations at the checkout and it will be $3.99

I modded my last one, so I bought one :-)


Ordered one, thanks for posting. Replaces one of the ones I have gifted lately. :beer:

That 50 cent saving is really not worth pushing your luck with T-mart.

Hmm, I’ve had no big issues with Tmart. The ones I have had, they have corrected fairly quickly. I do not hesitate to order from them, based on my experiences. I have heard of others having issues though.

Thanks for info, I have also ordered one. $4 is very good for sk68

Maybe you missed that there is a $3 Coupon and the final price is $3.99?

Or,Are you saying there is another source for $4.50 USD?

I just ordered one from TMart. I give them away occasionaly too.

Thanks for info, i don’t want to push my luck with T-mart.

*says I’m not allowed to use the tmart0528 coupon. oh well shouldn’t push my luck either. lol

Good finding. Thank you for sharing. I bought one silver and one black.

Thanks for posting this. Ordered a black one to see what these are all about.

Checkout applied the discount code without issues, but Tmart tried to charge me in Canadian $ (10.52) and then gave me a discount from that :/. Deleted from cart and started over in US$, but with a higher price. Again started over, and finally with 6.99US starting price, applied the code to get a final cost of 3.99US. Much fun!

Had no issues with the code. Proceeded through checkout where I punched in the code, bingo 3.99
Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the tip.
I ordered a black one to replace the SK-86 I gave to my nephew yesterday.
Now I need to replace the pink Thrunite I gave to my niece.
Gifts are a good excuse to buy more lights.

i ordered one black and one silver.
i’ve gifted a couple of sk68’s with usb-batteries lately. the usb batteries aren’t the best batteries out there, but they can be quite handy for “normal people” i think!

yes, ebay

code worked fine so I get a single mode sk68 I can take the head off to have a beautiful full flood light to complement my 3 mode.

It took me from the cart to paypal, where does one enter the coupon?

after paypal sends you back to tmart but before you commit to buy.

Thanks for the info.

The coupon didn’t work for the silver/chrome one and I backed out, unfortunately they snagged my email anyway, from my paypal sign in.

Is there much difference between the Q3 and Q5 versions?