Sipik SK86 clone $3.99 USD from T-mart (limited to first 1000 buyers) Expired

I catch up one. But, i tought that it had zoom but i don’t see the zoom on the specifications…

You do not have to go to PP check out first. Just click on the Secure Checkout button, then you can enter the code. From there, Click on PP checkout.

FordEx Group 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp

Options for shipping from either Hong Kong or China. Im in CONUS but iI suspect its the same world wide.

$3.99 (same as OP) if you are not fussy about new unrated sellers. Not saying these are better than OPs - just more options.


Well spotted - got two at the discount price. The discount box doesn’t come up until Paypal takes you back to tmart’s final checkout, then it’s there.

I bought two of these a while back, and they were not bad. XP-E emitter. The bezel was a little crooked when zoomed to throw position, but worked. They were three mode at the time, and would work fine on a 14500. Better finish than my UF ones.
Hard to say if you would get the same thing now though. SK68 has to be the most cloned light in history, and who know where sellers source their lights from.

The reviews of tmart’s sk68 clone seems to be very good… but who knows…

Perfectly happy!

Good little light for sure!

My first sipik or clone, and very shortlived lol. Had it for a day and let the girl have her zoomie. She loves it though, good performance on an eneloop even. 14500 even better one mode is kinda lame but foe dolla is coo with me

Getting code expired error.

The quality is as good as the previous one I had (from Lights Box iirc) - no complaints at all.
At this price and (hopefully) reliability, they’re cheap enough to leave one clipped to every shirt pocket and outside door :bigsmile:

got mine, nothing special but perfectly ok, xre with ez900 die, 1 mode.

i got mine a couple of days ago, one black and one silver.
one had ez900 and the other one ez1000 xr-e.
both pills seem stuck, not sure if the threads are glued, or if they’re just over-tightened. would have liked to replace the metal zoom resistance ring with a rubber/silicone o-ring instead.
they’re not the best sk68 clones i’ve bought, but should be good as gifts just like several other cheap sk68s i’ve bought previously.

Yesterday it come. Well, the flashlight doesn’t run. Dismount the switch is in the hands alone 2 times… not very happy and the price is almost the same in fastech with better led R2…

My SK-86 showed up yesterday it looks OK. It blows away my TF Z8 on a 14500. Pulls 1.5A

Mine arrived in very good condition a couple days ago. Works fine on alkaline and quite bright on 14500. Appears to be an EZ1000.

Mine came with Q5 led (and tmart said Q3) and yours?

Web page indicated Q3, light is labeled Q5. Can you tell the difference? I sure can't.

Also a bunch of them on Amazon. I have 5 of these on the way, still on the slow boat from China. $4.36 each. 5/$21.95 shipped.

Got mine today. Not bad, only negatives are a hollow pill and metal friction ring for zoom head. Replaced ring with rubber O-ring and added compound to lip on pill. Heat is OK now on 14500.

yours wasn’t too tightened so they stuck like mine then? i wanted to replace the friction ring but couldn’t unscrew the pill