SK68 Emitter swap BOGUS

Ordered this 1w GREEN emitter to swap out the 6000k purple Emitter in the SK68 and it doesn’t work…. Did i order the wrong LED or is it a BAD led…I will try a CR123 direct to the MCPCB and see if it really is bad.

I read that the 1w MCPCB led is what is needed to replace the current one…

the one that has sharpie marking is the oem emitter (THE LEFT EMITTER)

That should be a good emitter. I've used the same one for a couple of green builds myself, and had no issues..

Like you mentioned, go direct to the PCB and see if you get light.

Out of stock at the Moment, but here's a replacement driver if you need:

Cheaper option at DX:

My thread on this here:

...and still working, but this light sees very little use.

How do I remove the driver? Because I will use my own driver and emitter

Is the intended driver 15mm diameter?

you can push the driver out from the led-side

Unthread the pill from the front of the light. Then you can either pry the old driver out from the back, or push it out from the emitter side after removing the emitter.

The aluminium pill can be unscrewed, allowing access to the driver. This also allows you to remove the sliding head from the light, as well as check the o-rings, etc

Sorry to see it’s a hollow pill, but … well, it’s a lottery with the SK68 clones

Maybe I will use a penny to fill in the pill or something
thanks for telling me how to get the driver out I will try that Monday.