SK98 XM-L T6 Clone, 18650 $5.99 shipped

Flashlight, LED CREE XM-L T6
Color: Black;
Battery : 1 x 18650 3.7v battery (not included)” end c&p

edit, duh on me.
Mode: high / low / strobe / sos /

SK86 Clone Linky

You can post pics from pretty much anywhere…

Listing says H-L-S-SOS.

I would get one just to sit it between my sk68 and 26650 Aleto, but I’ve spent far too much already this year.

Thx for pointing out I forgot to put the mode version in, edit, now fixed.

Does that look like a 14500 in the photo? Appears to say 1000mAH?

I can’t read it, but thought the same as you by looking.
They may have used a “in-stock” photo as both lights look similar.

14500/AA = 14 x 50mm Ratio of 3.57
18650 = 18 x 65mm [3.61]

I do admit being slow, if I approached this math problem incorrectly, let me know.