Skapri from France

Hello, I am french from Bordeaux, I’m 29, I love led flashlight since ever, I have a bad english but I will do my best for the forum.

I have some videos to share with you of my led flashlight, I regulary buy led flashlights just for the pleasure.


:party: Welcome to BLF ! :party:

I’m looking forward to your videos and posts !

Welcome to BLF! Sounds like you're already infected. ;)

Welcome to BLF, we all have bad engrish around here,LOL. Glad to see you here.

Welcome, skapri, bad Engrish ok here! Much better than my Flench.


Welcome to BLF, Skapri. Don’t worry about your english, you’ll be fine.

Thank you for your welcome , here's my first contribution:

42 euro for the skyray king :o can you share your seller :p?

I think it isn't a genuine Skyray but what is the difference? What I see is that this flashlight is very good quality and powerful and it's only what I want. My seller was ledflashlight2008

It's nice of you to join us, skapri!

Welcome to the forum skapri. It’s a good place to talk flashlights/bad place to learn English.

Thank you guys! I made another video tonight :

Another video, quick test of SkyRay J58 :