Skilhunt E2A Video Review

Thanks for the information, link and opinion iamlucky13! :+1:
I missed zeroair review somehow.

Well, effiency apart, as I would not like to keep the driver, I’m starting to feel that there are some “flimsy” things there.
That “supposed” ring on the tail, the architecture of the “eventual” pill…not good enough for a mod, in my case.
Probably a good thing for other kind of use/users, but I won’t go in that boat.

The possibility to open the head through bezel is a nice thing, though. More similar to the Tool AA Ti and Cu versions.

Normally textured (pebbled) optics give a great floody beam! I modded my Enogear SS with one of those optics and I love it :wink:

Enjoy the light :beer:

Thanks for the info and links as well. Very good pool of information. Ill be referencing zeroair and a few others whenever possible in the future.

Here’s my review. E2A

I got similar performance from mine. I suspect Skilhunt is using the 6500k sst20 for their measurements, not the 4000k 95 cri.

thanks for the info ! will add it to the library of areas to research. Updated* Added your site and zero air to the video description so people will know to find more info about the E2A.

NiMH lumens on low is far too bright / too close to medium, coupled with no moon / firefly mode is really disappointing.


Oh boy, even shorter than the Tool AA V2.0? :o
Your pics are always great maba :wink:

Excellent review and hello YouTube buddy!

Ordered one and just received it. It ticks off almost everything I want except a proper low. Even 1-2 lumens would be nice, though obviously sub-lumen would be great. It really is short, almost a little too short but the diameter evens it out in my hands. For me it would be perfect with a forward clicky, which would add some length, but honestly I think that extra cm or so would actually give it a better fit in the hand.

Today I was curious to see what driver was used in E2A and decided to take it out. It easy to be removed but PCB is glued with thermal silicone which cover most of electronics components. Sorry I didn’t make any photo with it. I just removed it and cleaned a bit the PCB.

Thanks for the driver picks. Anyone know if a resistor mod is possible to lower the overall brightness (to get a lower low)?

Only solution is to add additional resistor in series with led. They used pwm control the output. By the way E2A used the same boost converter as that Convoy driver
淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢 Just see that “11G” marked IC. Also I think convoy used linear constant current control via 50 mohm resistor. I think it is good replacement for E2A driver.

Hey buddy! good to see you!

Thanks for the photos of the light! Appreciate the pictures!