SKILHUNT & FASTTECH missing clip

Well, to cut long story short I bought skilhunt H02 headlamp for my best friend three months ago and it was delivered without pocket clip. Fasttech support went quiet just before new year and after recent contact they responded “The supplier couldn’t offer the replacement clip part for us. Is it possible for you to purchase this part in your local? ” (sure, they sell skilhunt clips on every corner here >:-/ )

In the meantime I tried to contact skilhunt trough their web page but they didn’t even bothered to respond…

In case you are considering buying skilhunt products be prepared to end up with no support in case of problems…

Anyway if someone has any advice where to buy another clip or has clip that in not needed please contact me.

hmm the new convoy clip might work perfectly. I’ll try it on my H02 tonight

That would be great ! In fact I need to order few of these for other flashlights, but my gray cells never managed to connect those two :open_mouth:

Skilhunt sells the extra clip for $2.90. is the email I used, the were very prompt to reply and can invoice your PayPal if you want to pay that way.

Order extras to cut the shipping cost too….

Good luck!

Will try in case convoy clip doesn’t fit.

It was missing, maybe they react to your legitimate question for the clip you paid for via this emailaddress.

I was able to order a clip from Skilhunt as well. It is on the way, I should have ordered several
Use the customer service email, the “Contact Us” does not work.
I had fast, almost immediate response during the weeknight from the east-coast of the US. You have to figure out the working hours on the far side of the planet and you may get a response if someone is there at work.

I say order a Convoy clip. It appears to work great on the H02 (I did a brief fitment test) and even if you get a replacement Skilhunt clip, the Convoy works for a bunch of lights

Just to follow up, after sending email to Skilhunt they worked things out with fastteh and new clip is on the way…