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Acebeam h16 is inexpensive but also seems to be using lower-quality drivers than what Acebeam is known for in their larger lights: Acebeam H16 review (HiCRI, 14500). Some complaints were unregulated output and poor NIMH support.

So if Skilhint h150 is presumably using a better driver than a higher price is justified.

Whether a high-quality 14500 driver is a good business strategy versus pushing more volume on Amazon due to low price I am not sure.

I agree with you about a higher price for higher quality parts, but fifty-some dollars? Not me.

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That’s fine! Having lower-quality products at different price points is great for us consumers.

This new Skilhunt/Eskte h150 is comparable in price to the m150 which seems to be well-respected and frequently purchased and I’d like to encourage this company to keep using high-quality components even in 14500-size.

I don’t disagree with you but still, $30+ price difference seems steep. If they have a sale to drop the H150 to the $35 range I’d buy one.

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Since I have plenty of good 14500 batteries, I would like to see an H150 option for “no batteries”. Maybe this could bring the price down $5 or so.

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$50 is pretty steep. I was going to order one on release day but now I’ll hold back til the reviews come in. That driver better be damn good to ask $50 for a 14500 light. Not happy about having to swing the clip around to fit into the headband mount either. Just from looking at the photos it should have had enough room for Skilhunt to just do a slightly miniaturized HB3 style.

And the ESKTE branding looks a little tacky and crowded on the side. But I guess that’s just a superficial thing. Still a terrible brand-name. Maybe in the next batch, drop that terrible branding on the side @SKILHUNT @ESKTE

Way too expensive. The H04 costs $45 and is essentially the same light the H03 is which costed $20 not so long ago. Even considering the inflation that’s a big price increase and the quality is the same as it was.

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The H04 RC with 519A and battery (thus the same config as the H150) costs $62.90.

The H150 is smaller and runs on Li-ion and NiMH/alkaline! Also it was just released.

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New Mix 7 flashlight coming soon, stay tuned.

What LED will it use?

Image doesn’t work if you don’t use facebook. Can you upload the image directly to BLF?

It shows up if you click it, the embed just doesn’t work for some reason. I don’t have facebook either.

Is it multi emitter? TIR or reflector? Cells shown for scale or will it be multi-format like the Manker with extendable tube?

Without any specs, and just the picture, just my opinions:

  1. I like the orange / green selection. I’m so tired of black … gunmetal grey (EC300, H300), orange, green are nice! (H04 in orange, green, grey would be nice too lol)
  2. Hard to tell if the bezel is blue or if its just from reflection, but I think a black chrome bezel would be classy. But not blue chrome, it clashes with the colors (except maybe black or blue body)
  3. Would prefer the H300 or EC300 style body texture over the dimpling …

Not to change topics, but hope you guys will update the EC300 with Nichia 519A 4500K or higher, magnetic charging instead of flap + port, and another level in the main group (4 levels with no step downs. 4th level sould be around 800 lumens or so, my Convoy S21D + Acebeam E75 can do this no problem). Turbo levels can have step downs. It would also be nice if the RGB had high / low levels, I was surprised how bright those suckers are. But its still one of my favorite lights, I use it all the time. I tend to be more picky with lights I really like, so this is a compliment :smiley:

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@SKILHUNT I noticed the H150 has improved UI: shortcut from moon to main group. What other models are already shipping with this update? Will it roll out to all models eventually? Its enough of a feature for me I would wait for it.