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Daily Limited 1pcs Flash Sale —— 50% Off

Before 2019-2-23, S3 pro Flash Sale, 40% Off

Daily Limited 1pcs Flash Sale —— 50% Off

SKILHUNT S2 pro Tactical Flashlight Giveway.
From Feb 19th to 28th, a fan will be selected to give a S2 pro Tactical Flashlight
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Any chance you would do the H03 F on the daily discount??

OK, tomorrow.

Looks like it never happened.

$51.40 for the S3Pro is a large discount from full retail but it was offered last ear for $38. Why no big discounts on it in may months.

Skilhunt, I’m tempted to buy one of these rgbw headlamps, but would like the neutral white version, not cool. But your website does not give the option to choose. How do I choose the rgbneutralwhite version?

Discounts are based on variety of options. Overstock, how well item sells, off setting production costs, etc…. Many factors to choose from.

We only offer this model in NW. Not CW available.

What happened to the H03 F daily discount? :wink:

We did offer as I said, and it sold.
Now today, is this one in daily discount.

would anyone really pay $67.90 for that H03 RC???

Thanks, NW is my preference :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I highly doubt it…

When I checked the listing, that was only the regular H03 RC version, not the F version…

I think the daily time is way off, tomorrow means like in 2 days. but I actually saw the daily deal HO3 F for $37.50 for the NW version (32.50+$5 shipping). I had to pass on it.

DS16 AA flashlight—————56% Off


Daily limited Flash Sale—–50% Off