Skilhunt opinions

Anybody bought a Skilhunt flashlight ? are they worth considering

Nothing in their lineup appeals to me, sorry. Prices seem kind of high for what you get and they are basically unproven lights so I'm not sure why the high prices? Their Defier series is the only one that remotely interests me and cost for the features you get is twice that of comparable lights. Example: Compare the Defier XT ($85 @ CNQG) with A Solarforce M6 ($50 at SF Sales). See what I mean?

I gotta say… gold, copper or whatever they are… those cooling fins are sweet!

havent bought any Skilhunt yet. they are also members of BLF!

I don’t spend that kind of money on flashlights. They look nice, I’m sure they are great lights, but… too pricey for me to even consider. After all, they are flashlights…

Yes, they do have some bling and thus get style points.

They're too expensive in my opinion.

Thats sorted that then no love .

nov lov?

could be true. they are among the tens and hundreds of new flashlight brands which enter the market every month (yezl, fandyfire, maxtoch, xeccoon, skilhunt, bronte, balder, rofis, ...).

to me, my first lov is my only lov (in my case: eagtac lights)

Yes eagletac is still top of my list at the moment , just thought i would sound members out , also looking at Niteye Eye10 as an option i have emailed them to find out price and shipping charges

This is the most expensive light I own, but it worths every cent I payed for it.

The quality is really outstanding. I just love the smooth feel of the body. No sharp edges and a nice matte black finish. I like the UI, that makes it possible to run either one of the two leds alone in all modes. Whenever you want to return to high mode with both leds on, (from any mode you were in) you need to press the power switch just once.

It is bright. They claim 1100 lumens OTF which is either much underrated, or all my other lights are all dudes. All I can say is, my Skyray King is just a little brighter than this one.

Funny, all my lights are little ladies...

You are the first person I've heard say they had a Skillhunt, glad you like it. How does the DT-20 feel in your hands? Looks kind of big and awkward shaped but that's just my impression.

Much too $$$$.

No, it don't feel awkward at all. It's barely bigger than a Fenix TK 35 and it fits nicely in the hand (at least in my hand it does). The two buttons are exactly there where they should be. The battery (double) tube is as small as possible and nicely rounded.

Can you post a review please? Plus beamshots! :slight_smile:

I clicked on their banner, but lost interest when I could not find any pricing.

Just received a Skilhunt Ramble Iota torch (for ~ $20). Nice looking torch!

BUT! It appears to have intermittent connection with either the light not working at all, or it works with a weak beam, or it has a varying intensity beam, or, if I'm lucky, the light works OK (briefly)!

Had a look (without attempting to pull the electronics out of the bezel), nothing obviously wrong seen. Possibly dirty contact on inside of light body tube which makes contact with circuit board within the bezel?? Tried cleaning inner body tube contact using using cotton buds but that didn't seem to help.

Anyway, not happy with this torch! Either being replaced or refunded.

Since i collect flashlights i had to own at least one skilhunt. So i ordered the cheapest of the line, the 1xAAA Ramble-i.

I have to admit that i was very satisfied with the quality and the nice ‘throw-y’ beam. It has two brightness levels (70 and 7 lumens) and an SOS mode!
Extra modes like this are rather rare in this category of 1xAAA. If i remember correctly only the Clarus Mi X6 has something similar -a strobe mode.

Other than that, it has a powerful magnet in the tail and comes in several colors. I think that 12-13 Euro is a very fair price for such light.