sklihunt h02 or H02R for hiking and camping

I am deciding between the two for a trip to the Appalachian trail. Any suggestions on which would work best?

I have the H15, and I like the TIR in a headlamp for more flood, so the H02 would be the one for me. Less parts to break with the polycarbonate TIR, if you break the lens on the “R” model, you can lose the light to moisture/rain.

Why the 18650 size? If you need a good cheap waterproof battery carrier, hit up the local walmart for the orange waterproof plastic match cases, they are $1 and have matches to boot…

I decided on 18650s since I will be taking a 18650 powered powerbank to charge my phone on the trail.

I have both and the H02 would be my choice for walking around a camp site and walking trails. The extra throw you get out of the R really isn’t that helpful in the woods (IMO). I don’t think you will disappointed with either but I think the H02 will serve you best.

I prefer the H02R with d-c-fix diffuser, that has a nicer (wider) beam in my opinion. And the d-c-fix is removable in case of need for more throw.