Sky Ray A0 - DO NOT BUY

Just received my Sky Ray A0.

Already has a problem worked for a couple of seconds. Then it did not work. I figured out that it was a problem with the Tail cap. Help with the problem needed, will email Manfont also. There reflector installed was very girty and water/liquid stains?

Very Small light with a big Head

The Trustfire reflector is slightly larger. Is difficult to tell.

Yes the Ultrafire C9 came to the rescue it's tail fits the Sky Ray

Yes the Sky Ray reflector is shallower and dirtier.

Here is some Amp readings with my DMM using:

Trustfires Flame 4.18v and 4.17v

3 Mode - H 2.34, L 0.21

5 Mode - H 2.23, M 0.95, L 0.18.

Callie's Kustoms 18650 High discharge battery2250mAh

3 Mode - H 2.85, L 0.25

5 Mode - H 2.75, M 1.12, L 0.23

Sanyo 2600mAh

3 Mode - H 2.69, L 0.22

5 Mode - H 2.63, M 1.08, L 0.22

I checked it a couple of times using my batteries. My Trustfire X9 only gets 1.6Amps and my Ultrafire TH-T60(Amps readings Post 43) 2 mode gets about 3.0 - 3.5Amps.

Here are my readings for the Trustfire X9

Trustfire 2400 Grey(4.07v) AW 2200 Black(4.15v) Trustfire R/B(4.13v)

H - 1.2Amps H - 1.69Amps H - 1.73Amps

M - 0.72Amps M - 0.85Amps M - 0.87Amps

L - 0.15Amps L - 0.17Amps L - 0.17Amps

We'll all be keen to hear how you feel it compares to the X9 on output, beam pattern and throw. It'll be dark in an hour or two here..........

The head is smaller but it's driven harder but cannot compare tail cap does not work.

See post #1 new pics.

When it gets dark may put up beam shots.

That is one of the coolest looking lights I have ever seen.

Heck that is short compared to an X9. The head doesn't look much smaller that an X9, diameter-wise. But your pics give the impression that it is also shallower (i.e. the X9 reflector is deeper). Is that correct?

I will put some pics of the reflector.

Reflector pic posted.

I am excited to hear/see more of this light. It has tempted me and I want to know if it will out throw my ultrafire UF-980L :)

Did you try tightening the switch ring, nut, whatever it has?

After my Skyray triple XML failure, I'm staying away. But this light would make a nice host for a mod.

Hey! Be nice if that tailcap would screw on to a Solarforce. Anyone know?


I have a problem with the reflector. It have some sort of staining on the inside. It's as if some had washed it and then let it dry.

Have a look in the bottom reflector pic and you can see me in the back ground, see how clear that is compared to the other 2 lights.

Seeing the A0 and X9 reminds me of SureFire

I did not know about it, but yeah, their design is copied for sure from those surefires.

To tell the truth I even like more the copies than the original designs, they are very similar but I like more the differences on both.

My reflector is dirty looking also, as if it had been washed. I may try to wash it myself to see if I can remove the stains. I really like it, but some may not like the feel of the thin body, I'm not crazy about it but it's still good enough.

Here is the damage to the reflector.

I have taken out the lens and taken a picture. It seems to be some sort of liquid stain.

That looks like a spray distribution pattern. My bet is its chemical or diluted chemicals, not just a water stain.

Be carefull how you clean it. Use a soft chumid loth 1st before trying solvents or other chemicals. Try to clean the outer side first to test chemical safety if possible. Probably the outside are treated differently. My 1st pick would be ethyl alcohol with no other chemicals then progressing to harder stuff. If everything fails... requsting a new replacement reflector.

Yes, make sure you use a, "chumid loth", as Budgeteer


all the reflectors have this same dirty condition.