Sky Ray king ..lost button

Anyone know of a way to fix this…?
I cant really use it w/o a button, maybe I could fab one out of delrin….
Any blown SRK’s out there

What is lost? Picture?
There are some people here who have switched the switch.

Here is the pic :
The button has gone missing…….

how did you lost the button in the first place???

Where are you located? I switched mine out for an illuminated switch, so it's just sitting around. Interesting how you could have lost it though :)

Did you lose just the switch or the metal button and/or retaining ring?

Looks like the switch is there, 'just' the button is missing. I haven't taken mine apart so not sure what's needed to replace it.

No idea…My 9 year old was walking around with it and when he gave it to me it was gone…

I used a pebble actually for a bit as a switch but that didnt last. It works fine, I just don’t have a way to activate it now… :frowning:

I am located just outside Chicago…in bears territory- ugh

Daaaaa Bears.

Not for long…They laughed at work when I predicted 8-8….I may have been right :wink:

Do you have any 0.5mm or 1mm round disc magnets lying around?

You’d probably need 8,9 and or 10mm ones. Depends on your particular model.

Unscrew the switch bezel, put 1 or 2 of the larger ones inside, whichever fit, then stack 1 or 2 of the smaller magnets on top so they protrude through looking like the original switch.

Put it back together, try it out, it may take some fiddling/tweaking.

When you’re happy with the operation of the button you can glue the magnets together then smear over and around the switch inside with thick silicone grease to help waterproofing.

You got me, I got to ask whats that sticking out of the side of the head.

The black thing coming out of the bezel is just a piece of round foam from trustfire packaging wedged in to protect the glass when the light’s in my bag.

The green bar is one of my first attempts at installing a tritium vial on a light, not a perfect job there but really handy to locate the switch in total darkness.

I keep this light on the bedside table, i use it instead of a lamp.

Makes sense now, a trit tube, cool. I first thought it looked like a usb port. :open_mouth:
What adhesive did you use on the trit?

No, the USB port is in the tailcap…

I used some cheapy UV setting glue, it works ok but you have to polish it up after curing it.\_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

theres no way that button will come out without unscrewing the ring around it and I don't thing a 9 year old will be able to open it and then screw it back on.......... ..needs a sharp ended long nose pliers and good pair of steady hands yours :)

I agree some what. Once I took mine out it never seemed to be as tight as it was when I first removed it. If not tightened down really good I can unscrew it with my fingers, the threads are not held to tight tolerances. But yes it had to be unthreaded to get the button out, then some how tightened it self back down. :~

I suspect that the bezel ring is also missing…

Reason I asked, I purchased this but have not had a chance to use it yet.
Thought you may have used the same. :bigsmile:

If you look at the OP's pic in a later post, the bezel ring is there.

OP, if you want mine, its yours. Just shoot me a PM with your address.